How Do I Know If My Aviche M1 Battery Is Low?

The pandemic has heightened people’s consciousness of the air they breathe, especially in their immediate environment. Aviche M1 is a popular wearable air purifier that keeps the air around you pollution-free. So, how do you know if your Aviche M1 battery is low?

One of the lights on the side of your Aviche M1 will glow red if the battery is low. The light comes on about one hour before your run out of battery. Thankfully, this gives you time to charge before the device shuts down completely.

This article looks into why your Aviche air purifier necklace is beeping and how to know if your Aviche M1 battery is low. I also describe how to detect if your Aviche M1 is working.

Why Is My Aviche Air Purifier Necklace Beeping?

Whether outdoors or indoors, the air you breathe contains many harmful particles. Dust, smoke, allergens, or microorganisms are air pollutants that can affect your health, especially with prolonged exposure. Although some buildings have air purifiers that improve the air quality, you cannot take them with you when you leave the building.

Wearable or “walking” air purifiers like Aviche products help you enjoy clean, healthy air on the go. Aviche wearable air purifiers include the M1, M1 2.1, M1 3.0, W1, W3, and M5 air purifier necklaces. 

These air purifiers don’t need consumables, and because they don’t use filters, you skip the cost of replacing filters. 

I think it’s super convenient to have access to fresher air at the press of a button. Even better, you can recharge and reuse the Aviche air purifier necklace when it runs out of battery.

Aviche air purifier necklaces use top-of-the-line technology to release negative ions that help remove contaminants from your immediate environment. The air purifier necklace has a beeping sound because of the technology and how it works.

The generator releasing the negative ions makes the beeping sound when working. The noise it produces is usually less than 15 decibels. So it can be quiet enough for you to get good rest if you wear your necklace to bed.

The sound on some necklaces may be louder than others, but all sound levels are generally acceptable. However, the frequency of the sound or the sound itself may be annoying to you and those around you.

It becomes more pronounced if you spend a lot of time in a tranquil environment. You may be used to the sound, but those around you might find it inconvenient. As a courtesy move, please explain the sound to them, so it won’t surprise them or make them think it’s an emergency alarm.

Besides the sound, you might also feel the “energy” from it as it works. This is all a normal phenomenon, and it doesn’t mean you broke your air purifier necklace.

How Do I Know If My Aviche M1 Battery Is Low?

The Aviche M1 Wearable Air Purifier is one of the leading personal air purifiers in the market. It releases more than 20 million PCS/cm3 micro-negative ions, which keep your breathing space free from pollutants.

With its portable design and 50 g weight, you can use it at home, in the office, and even when you travel in trains or planes. According to research, micro negative ions can enter the human body to produce some benefits by:

  • Removing free radicals
  • Enhancing blood circulation
  • Improving sleep
  • Anti-aging
  • Improving body immunity

The M1 has a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 650mAH. So when you first get your M1 out of the box,  there’s no need to charge it for too long. Instead, they fully charge all products before sending them out of the factory so that you can use them after a quick charge.

However, the battery will run down with use, and you’d have to recharge it at some point. The M1 has two indicator lights at the side: one displays a blue light while the other shows a red light.

The blue light turns on when the M1 air purifier is working. The red light turns on in two instances:

Low battery: The red light will flash as a reminder when the M1 has a battery power of less than one hour. Thankfully, this gives you enough time to find a power source before the device shuts down completely.

During charging: When you plug the USB cable into the corresponding port on your M1, the red light comes on. This shows you that the device is charging correctly. When the battery is fully charged, the red light will go off automatically.

Your Aviche M1 wearable air purifier has long standby hours, working for 35 to 40 hours after one full charge. The M1 battery also has a long life: you can recharge over 500 times. 

Experiencing 35 to 40 hours of purified air – covering 1m3 of your immediate breathing space – is definitely worth the cost of an M1.

How Do I Know If My Aviche M1 Is Working?

It’s not enough to know you have an air purifier around your neck. It’s also crucial to understand how it works to ensure that you’re always getting the best out of it. 

Here’s how to know if your Aviche M1 is working:

  1. The blue light: If this light is on, it means your device is powered on and working.
  1. Slight air movement: You will feel a little air movement when putting the M1 under your nose or close to your earlobe. This happens because the device is releasing the micro-negative ions.

Proper care of your Aviche M1 wearable air purifier allows you to use it for as long as possible. So your M1 shouldn’t give up on you halfway through its life cycle. 

Here are some precautions to take as you use your M1:

  • Keep it far away from fire and water
  • Avoid placing it in direct sunlight
  • Don’t place hard objects on the device
  • Turn off the power before cleaning 

The M1 is effective at removing fine dust of 2.5 microns (PM2.5) or less from the air, as well as allergens and viruses. It traps these fine particles by releasing 20 million negative ions per second from the brush on top. Micro-negative ions attach to the air’s contaminant particles and give them a static charge.

The particles “drop” from the air on gaining this static charge or stick to any nearby surface. The mechanism is similar to a balloon sticking to a wall after receiving a static charge. With the Aviche M1 wearable air purifier, you can get a protective bubble – three feet in every direction – that’s pollutant-free.

Although the M1 can remove the particles or pollutants from your immediate breathable air, it can’t destroy them. You should still pay attention to other safety procedures like wearing a mask, washing your hands, and wiping surfaces with a good disinfectant.

How to know if your Aviche M1 is genuine

The pandemic that shook the world in 2020 made wearable air purifiers gain more popularity. People searched for safety gadgets and precautions everywhere. Consequently, many fake or knock-off purifiers got into the market.

If your device isn’t working as it should or stops working suddenly, you might want to check its originality. Here’s a description of the differences between authentic and fake Aviche personal air purifiers:

The label: The authentic label is white in the middle, with bright colors and clear patterns. In contrast, the center of a fake label is gray and has fuzzy and dim colors.

The color label: On an authentic Aviche M1 pack, the color label is white, has a positioning line around it, and a regular “black” font. The fake pack has a beige color label, no positioning line, and a bold “black” font.

The serial number and CE tag: Look out for the serial number’s unique font on an original Aviche M1 since fake models use a beige label and a different font. The CE mark at the back of the package also differentiates an original and phony M1 as the fake doesn’t have it.

The logo and surface material: Fake logos may misspell the brand name, such as ‘AVIC,’ and the size of the logo is often smaller. The logo size on an authentic M1 is large and spelled correctly (AVICHE). 

Original Aviche M1 products use frosted plastic, but the surface has no noticeable graininess when you touch it. The same can’t be said of the fake products with a rough and grainy surface.

Besides these features, the manual that comes with the product should have a printed production date if it’s original. Since the fake products could vary from one manufacturer to another, you may not find fake features that match perfectly. If you are still uncertain after checking the product yourself, you can do one more thing.

Send Aviche the product’s serial number on the back of the package, and they will check if it’s an authentic Aviche M1.

The Aviche M1 may not kill germs outrightly, but it’s an excellent extra protective barrier to have. Studies also indicate that negative ions can elevate your mood and relax you. In addition, it’s uncomplicated to operate, weighs only 50 g, and offers you fresh and safe air, so go for it if you can.