Why is my Honeywell Air Purifier Making Rattling Noise?

An air purifier is a valuable device in the home, and the Honeywell brand is a popular air purifier brand. People have many good things to say about the Honeywell air purifier because it has an excellent performance. However, there’s a question most users ask “Why is my Honeywell air purifier making a rattling noise?”

Your Honeywell air purifier might be making a rattling noise for several reasons. However, the most reliable reason is that it’s a sign you need to replace the filter. You can get a new filter online or in reliable shops, and you can replace it on your own because it is easy.

Honeywell air purifier eliminates many pollutants from the air, including dust, hair, and mold. Unfortunately, the filter holds so much in before it starts giving signs for replacement. Read on as I discuss how to fix air purifiers’ noise extensively.

Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell manufactures several HVAC equipment. Their air purifiers are very reliable. However, the Honeywell HPA300 is the most recent and best one, and it has a 320 dust CADR rating.

The Honeywell HEPA filter and the pre-filter remove dangerous particles from the air. It has an efficiency of about 100%. These particles include pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, germs, bacteria, and mold spores.

The Cost of Honeywell Air Purifiers

Generally, air purifiers can cost anywhere from $50 to more than $4,000, but they can also cost less. This is because the amount of space an air purifier can clean is significant in its costs. Many air purifiers for home use cost between $100 and $250.

It costs between $50 and $700 to buy a Honeywell air purifier. However, all but a few of them are Energy Star certified, which means that they can save you up to 40% on your energy bills.

Every model comes with a five-year limited warranty that covers problems with materials or quality. However, there is no warranty on washable HEPA filters and pre-filters.

Also, Honeywell filters can cost as little as 10 cents apiece or as much as $170 if you want to buy a lot of them.

Honeywell Air Purifier Models

Honeywell HPA-250B Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier with Allergen Remover

This device is the best to use for rooms up to 310 square feet. You can control the lights with your phone from up to 30 feet away. Also, the certified HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of viruses, mold spores, and some bacteria from the air.

Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Whole Room Air Purifier with Allergen Remover

This air purifier model can be used for rooms up to 465 square feet in size. It uses activated charcoal and a HEPA filter to reduce VOC emissions and odors, making it less smelly and cleaner. It removes 99.97% of the tiny allergens that pass through it.

Also, you can set a timer with a CADR of 300 for tobacco smoke to shut off at 2, 4, or 8-hour intervals.

Honeywell HPA600B Professional Series True HEPA Air Purifier

This air purifier is suitable for rooms up to 325 square feet in size. It has canister feet that make it easy to move around without lifting. Also, it has two HEPA filters with an antimicrobial coating to keep bacteria away.

It removes a lot of VOCs and smells from the air. Further, it has sensors that constantly check the air for allergies and odors in real-time.

Honeywell HFD-010 Quiet Clean Compact Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

This tabletop tower air purifier is ideal for spaces up to 62 square feet in size. It features a washable iFD filter that needs to be washed, not replaced. This filter produces ions that charge particles in the air and draw them to the unit.

Are Honeywell Air Purifiers Noisy?

Generally, Honeywell air purifiers are not noisy. However, some models are louder than others. For instance, Honeywell HPA100 has a fan speed of 68.7 dB when it’s at its most powerful.

On its highest fan speed setting, the Honeywell AirGenius 5 doesn’t make more than 56.1 dB of noise at all. HPA100. However, it can only make 51.5 dB of noise at its lowest fan speed.

Why is my Honeywell Air Purifier Making Rattling Noise?

Your Honeywell air purifier might make a rattling noise due to several reasons. It could be that there’s debris in the unit, or you installed the filter wrongly. However, the most common reason for noise in an air purifier is replacing the filter.

Several Noises Air Purifiers Make

Whistling Noise

A whistling sound comes from a bad or broken air filter. People who experience this most likely have an unclean air filter. If your air filter whistles when it gets dirty, it was most likely clogged in a way.


Beeps and lights are two common ways for air purifiers to tell you what they think. When the filter needs replacement, a beep is a short tone with a high pitch. As soon as the air purifier turns on, it may make a beeping sound. This means that the device needs to be reset.


A crackle indicates that the air purifier has captured a large air particle. The crackling is a rapid succession of short, sharp noises. Excessive crackling could signal that the system needs repair or cleaning.


A rattle is a sharp and brief noise, similar to motor noise.

Reasons Air Purifiers Make Noise

Filter Replacement

There is a good chance that your air filter needs replacement because your engine is not getting enough air. Most likely, the air filter is clogged or dirty, and it needs to be cleaned or changed.

Change your air purifier filters to improve the air quality in your home. If you don’t, the air in your home will become stale and stagnant.

Air Purifier Location

Your air purifier location affects how well it works and how much noise it makes. The best place to put your air purifier is in a well-ventilated area. An air purifier will be less noisy in a room with carpet than with high ceilings.

Clogged Filter

Air purifiers are noisy when the filters become clogged. Your air purifier may even flash or make a noise to tell you that the filter needs to be changed.

Incorrectly Installed Filter

An incorrectly installed filter can cause an air purifier to make noise. However, the red light on your air purifier will alert you that your air purifier filter is malfunctioning.

Debris in the Unit

Most debris comprises fragments from destroyed things. When there is junk in the machine, the air purifier will make more noise than usual. So, several manufacturers advise against inserting objects inside air purifiers.

Are Some Noises Normal?

Most people think of the noise made by an air purifier as background noise. However, the amount of noise an air purifier makes depends on the model and how quickly it runs. So, the noise level can change.

It will get louder if you set the air purifier’s fan speed to the highest setting, though.

Air purifiers can make different noises. If you move the air purifier while it’s running, for example, it will just make too much noise, which is not good. Likewise, when the air purifier turns off, the fan may make a noise when it slows down and shuts down.

The air purifier will need to be moved, and you need to turn off the power before you do.

How to Fix Honeywell Rattling Noise

Some air purifiers come with a pre-filter that lasts three to five months. So, you may need to change it with a three to five year HEPA filter. 

It should last up to five years if you dust it now and then. However, the filter can be damaged if torn or pulled during a vacuum.

A Honeywell air purifier makes a lot of noise when it needs to be cleaned or changed. It’s easy to change the filter, which will stop the noise.

However, the model number of your air purifier should match up with the filter that you need. You’ll find this information in your Honeywell air purifier’s owner’s manual.

Below are the steps to fix Honeywell rattling noise

  • Remove the Honeywell air purifier from the outlet.
  • Pull upward while rotating the handle on top of the air purifier counterclockwise. This handle should be simple to remove.
  • Remove the cover, which is right under the handle.
  • Remove the HEPA filter from the air purifier.
  • Replace the HEPA filter with a model-specific HEPA filter. Honeywell makes several air purifiers, and your model may need a specific air filter. Check your model number and get the appropriate filter.
  • Reinstall the top cover and replace the handle by rotating it clockwise.
  • Set the air purifier to reset after plugging it in. The sounds from your Honeywell air purifier should have stopped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Honeywell air purifier be on all the time?

It’s best to keep your air purifier running all the time to keep the air clean. Also, changing the filters regularly can help cut down on the amount of pollutants in your home.

Where is the best location for an air purifier?

It’s usually best to put your air purifier near a window or a door. Another reason to put purifiers near areas where people go is that moving air can pick up dust, mold, and other pollutants.

How long does an air purifier clean a room?

Your air purifier may take up to 30 minutes to clear the air in a small room. However, it can take up to 2 to 3 hours for larger spaces.To assess your air quality, invest in an air quality monitor. The worse it becomes, the longer you’ll need to run your air purifier.