What Are the Benefits of an Electronic Air Cleaner?

With the variations of air purifiers in the market, you might find it challenging to settle for one. However, an electronic air purifier should be a good option if you find yourself in these shoes. I know what you must be thinking; why an electronic air purifier?

Once you install the electronic air purifier, it captures and filters almost 100% of dirt particles in the air in your space. Its advanced filter traps microscopic elements like smoke, smog, and dust particles. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to cleaning filters every month as these purifiers only need maintenance every six months.

I’m sure that you’re curious to learn more about these cleaning devices. If so, you’re on the right page. All that’s required of you is to read through and learn about these machines.

What Are Electronic Air Purifiers?

An electronic air cleaner (EAC) might perform the same as HEPA air cleaners, but its working principles are different. For one, HEPA filters remove the particles in the air by sucking them in the air and forcing it through the filters. This function has a fan at different speeds depending on its setting.

An electronic air cleaner supplies power to the airflow via a transformer. This imparts a positive charge to particles caught on the collecting plates or negatively charged medium. It is simply a static-cling machine that captures whatever passes through.

It has different sections that facilitate its operations and they include the following:


Once air enters, it must pass through this section first. These filters capture the larger particles, preventing them from entering deeper into the system. Examples of the elements it captures include wool, hair, and pollen.

Ionizing Section

This section is where most of the work occurs. Here, there’s a highly charged DC electric field. This increases the voltage to the point that particles become positively charged as they pass through.

Afterwards, the charged particles pass through negatively and positively charged plates. Since the particles carry positive charges, the positive plates will repel the particles. On the other hand, the negative plates attract the charged elements.

The particles that undergo this process include smoke, dust, and other small air pollutants. These particles remain charged until you decide to clean them manually. Despite this, it continues collecting these particles for a long time till the plates are full.

Activated Charcoal Filters

Many new designs are beginning to incorporate these filters in electronic air cleaners. These filters are usually the last section the air has to go through before returning to the room.

Activated carbon filters are products of coconut shells or carbon. As a result of their makeup, they absorb gases from the air.

Some of the elements they filter from the air include:

  • Human smells, pet odors, and foul or harsh kitchen fragrances
  • Aldehydes compounds
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons, Halogens, and sulfur compounds

The electronic device ensures that the air remains clean and functioning with these three main instruments. Their effectiveness makes them the perfect purifying device option for patients with asthma, allergies, and other health conditions.

EAC can also come in different forms allowing them to blend into any setting. They can be a duct system that cleans the air before releasing it into the space. Such systems are part of the original building duct system.

EAC can also be standalone, small devices that you can move from one part of your space to another. These devices are best for homes, offices, and cars.

They can also be part of the furnace system. However, these don’t function as efficiently as duct or standalone products.

What Are the Advantages of an Electronic Air Cleaner?

Why buy an electronic air purifier? Besides, there are other air purifying devices that you can use, and you can get them at a cheaper rate.

Below are several reasons why you should opt for an electronic air cleaner:

Better Efficiency

While it’s possible to purchase high-efficiency air filters, none compare to the efficiency of electronic air filters. The best air filters can remove air particles as small as one micron. On the other hand, electronic air filters can remove even smaller particles.

They also work faster by circulating clean air around your room.

Great for Preventing Allergic Reactions

Whatever your allergies are, an electronic air cleaner will assist in alleviating your symptoms. Since they outperform filters in allergen removal, you’ll notice fewer symptoms.

In other words, if you suffer from occasional respiratory or seasonal illness, you should get this device. Aside from this, they make your environment more comfortable; thus, they can help put you in a better mood.

Provides Good Airflow

One of the main disadvantages of using high-efficiency air filters is reduced airflow. In addition, most MERV-rated air purifying devices indicate a large surface for trapping dirt.

In other words, smaller purifiers find it challenging to push a lot of air through the filters. This fault is what necessitates the use of a larger MERV-rated air cleaner for a wide space.

With an electronic air cleaning device, you don’t have to concern yourself with the airflow of your space. Instead, these devices have a system that pulls in the air without affecting the room’s airflow.

Better Protection for the HVAC System

Since EACs are more effective than air filters at trapping airborne particles, the air conditioning system will benefit greatly from their use.

This is because the device reduces the amount of dust and particles that could block the vents of your HVAC systems. In the future, this will help keep the air conditioner in good shape and minimize malfunctions.


Purchasing an EAC might cost you a little, but using this device saves you more costs in the long run. First, they prevent particles from getting caught in other devices like your ac unit or refrigerator. As a result, you won’t spend a lot trying to fix the units.

Simple Maintenance

Most electronic air cleaners need to have their filters washed once a month for maintenance. It only takes a few minutes and a few drops of soap and water to get the job done.

Plus, it’s mostly the pre-filters that require such care. Other parts of the device might only require you to wipe them with a dry cloth.


These cleaners are built to last. It can survive for decades if you clean it periodically. This is a low-cost method of providing your home with high-quality air.

Saves Time

Since it removes dust from the air, dirt accumulation will be less. This means that you spend less time cleaning and vacuuming your space, saving a lot of your time.

Improved Air Quality

The main benefit of using these cleaners is the improved air quality. The device rids the atmosphere of these pollutants, meaning that you and your family will inhale cleaner and fresher air.

What Are the Disadvantages of an Electronic Air Purifier?

While there’s a lot to gain from using these air cleaning technologies, there are a few downsides.

First, they are usually more expensive than their counterparts. This is a turn-off for most homeowners operating on a budget.

Furthermore, you might have to spend a lot of time cleaning the filters. The reason is that it’s not so easy to dismantle these devices, unlike their counterparts. Even after dismantling, you have to be careful when cleaning the filters to avoid causing damage.

Also, an EAC will not function well if they’re not maintained properly. So you have to ensure that you clean these devices at the right time, or you might have to replace the filters.

The worst downside is that some of these cleaners produce ozone harmful to the lungs. This is one of the reasons people avoid them altogether.


Do Electronic Air Cleaners Work?

Yes, electronic air cleaners are very effective. They have a pre-filter system that removes large particles from the air. Inbuilt is an ionizer that charges smaller particles and traps them on plates.

Additionally, they can remove foul odors from your space. As a result, there’s a drastic reduction of smoke, pet, and human smells from your area.

Is It Safe to Use an Electronic Air Cleaner?

There is no way to measure how safe these devices are for individuals. Though some of them release ozone, others might not.

How Long Does an Electronic Air Filter Last?

The duration of the filters depends on your usage and the quality of air in your space. Typically, the filters can last for three to five years. However, with the proper maintenance, they could last longer.

Is an Electronic Air Purifier Expensive?

Yes, an EAC is expensive compared to other air purifiers. While you can pick up a regular purifying device for a few dollars, EAC will cost you between $200 – $900.

Is an Electronic Air Purifier Better than HEPA Filters?

Both Electronics air cleaners and HEPA devices are good for cleaning the air. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want purifiers that last a long time, EACs are perfect. For a more cost-effective option, HEPA is the best for you.