Does A Rainmate Purify The Air?

You’ve probably read about or even experienced the clean air quality of the countryside, right? Although city air is full of pollutants, you can’t help but wonder if the RainMate can give you that little slice of heaven. So this broods the question, ‘is a RainMate designed to purify the air?’

Well, putting it simply, the RainMate does purify the air. If you look at it objectively, air purification is merely the removal of air pollutants or contaminants from the air. Although the RainMate doesn’t eliminate all air contaminants in a room, it does eliminate odors and dust.

An air purifier can remove contaminants from the air in a room in two ways—Actively or Passively. I prefer the passive air filter since it takes the contaminants out of the equation. So why don’t you continue reading to learn more about RainMate air purifiers?

Is Rainmate Air Purifier Worth It?

As the RainMate is not the only air purifier out there, do you worry if this one is worth it? I would say that it is worth all its weight in gold. Of course, that is just my personal opinion.

If you look at the reasons below, you would also switch to my perspective:

  • First, the RainMate works quietly. Every homeowner appreciates the comfort of their homes and the quiet that comes with it. The RainMate possesses fans that operate at a relatively low frequency (64db), leading to a quiet operation.
  • The device traps dust particles that are in the air. For asthmatic individuals and individuals allergic to different pollens, this reason is all they need to get a RainMate. 
  • The air cleaning machine can also cover up to a 500 square feet area in a room. This means you don’t have to buy multiple air purifiers if your room isn’t that big. A few or even one in a strategic area is more than enough.
  • Additionally, you have the option of using essential oils on the RainMate. Besides purifying the air, the RainMate can also aromatize the air in your living rooms and bedrooms. I mean, who wouldn’t like a room that smells nice?
  • Maintaining the RainMate is easy. Besides changing its water regularly, you don’t have to do much to keep this air purifier in working condition.

How Can I Make The Best Of The Rainmate

Well, are you now on the same side as me? If you now believe that the RainMate is worth it, I could show you how you can make the best of this air purifier.

Introducing Aroma Oils Or Fragrances

Operating the RainMate on default settings is good, but if you are up for a little upgrade, I can help. This is simple since it involves the addition of aroma oils and fragrances to the water tank.

Besides its primary function as an air purifier, the RainMate also works well as a humidifier. This means that it increases the humidity in a room by introducing water vapor into the air. The result of which is an undoubtedly enjoyable moistening of the air.

Of course, operating your RainMate on default does moisten the air, but such air would be flavorless. Adding aroma oils or fragrances to this process makes for a ‘flavorful air’.

The steady operation of the RainMate ensures that these aromas are released slowly. This means just a few drops of fragrances or aroma oils can last you a couple of hours easily.

I mean, who wouldn’t want the air in their living room smelling like a spring breeze? If you are a stickler for the smell of flowers, you could have your room smelling like roses or any flower of your choice.

Well, if I were to recommend some options, you could consider:

  • Berry fragrances
  • Lemon fragrances
  • Pine fragrances
  • Vanilla fragrances
  • Orange fragrances
  • Tea Tree mint fragrances
  • Basil aroma oils
  • Eucalyptus aroma oils

While these are my recommendations, you could go to your preferred local store and have your pick. However, I would advise that you go for the RainMate brand of fragrances. Some other brands might be too thick and could clog the purifier.

Buying A Rainmate With A Colored Basin

All RainMates come with a plastic basin for collecting water. This is used to trap dust and odors while circulating moist or aromatic air. Additionally, the RainMate is designed with an LED light that illuminates the basin.

Do you appreciate the beauty of water in a well-illuminated aquarium? Then, you are going to love the look of a RainMate with a water basin other than the usual white. It acts well as a night light and tastefully illuminates the room.

If you can’t get a colored basin for your RainMate, don’t fret. You could also go for fragrances and aroma oils that would add a little color to your water. That also works fine!

Does Rainmate Really Clean Air?

Air purifiers come in two main variants, and they include the following:

Active Air Purifier

An active air purifier is designed to release negatively charged ions into the air in a living space. These ions bond with the pollutants in the air, causing them to stick to any surfaces in that room.

Passive Air Purifier 

A passive air purifier allows air to pass through it while utilizing air filters to remove contaminants from the air. In this case, the pollutants are stuck in the air filter, which must be cleaned regularly. 

I am sure that many of us grew up with an air conditioner or an HVAC running 24/7 at home. While these air cleaners are good for the large dust particles, they fail to take care of the smaller ones. A purpose at which the RainMate particularly excels.

Like all authentic passive air purifiers out there, the RainMate is good at its job. Belying its small size, the RainMate can cover up to 500 square feet of a room. Moreover, it takes care of all odors and dust particles (even the small ones).

The Cleaning Features Of The Rainmate

Are you still doubting if your RainMate could clean the air in your home? Well, if you are up for it, here is an exposé on RainMate’s features.

The RainMate’s filtration system works on the principle of a swirling bath system. This means murky air comes in through the fans above the water bath and goes out clean, smelling nice. The fan and the water bath work together to remove the dust and odors in the contaminated air.

Does that sound unbelievable? Let your RainMate work for a few hours, and you can take a look at the water bath to tell. You would find out that the water isn’t as clean as it was initially.

This means that the RainMate is cleaning the air in your room, one 500 square feet at a time.

How Long Can I Run My Rainmate?

The RainMate is powered by 120V mains, which theoretically means that it can run for 24 hours daily. However, you would have to pause the operation of your RainMate from time to time to change the water. Besides this and a little maintenance time, you could run your RainMate perpetually.

How To Clean The Rainmate

The RainMate usually comes with a 3-year warranty. This means that the manufacturers are assured that the RainMate can last 3 years without repairs with careful usage. Of course, for your RainMate to last this long, you would have to take good care of it.

Below are simple steps to follow if you don’t know how to maintain your RainMate air purifier:

  • First and foremost, make sure to unplug your RainMate air purifier from the mains before you go about cleaning it.
  • Make sure to change the water in the basin of your RainMate at least every 3 hours. While this may seem like a lot of work, it’s relatively easy. First, you throw away the murky water and put it in a clean one.

    While replacing the water, you should remember that the water basin has a capacity of one liter. This means you should never exceed this capacity just because you want your device to work for longer.
  • It would help if you also cleaned the water basin of your RainMate every week. Although changing the water of your basin works well to keep it clean, some sediments might escape this process.

    Washing it with a detergent (and a little vinegar for those stubborn stains or deposits) would restore its original beauty. After which, you can dry the basin before fitting it back into the unit.
  • It would help if you also took note that the water basin for this air purifier is plastic. As such, no dishwashers are needed. So, a little hand washing is in order.

Since this water basin is plastic, you should also avoid using hot water for the washing process. Instead, cold or cool water would do.

  • It would be best if you also looked out for the fans in the unit above the water basin. Constantly ferrying in dirty air can affect these fans, making them turn dirty. However, you could use a can of compressed air to clean it out.