How Long Do IQAir Filters Last?

Although filter air purifiers are the most common air purifiers, their filters get dirty and worn out with use. A dirty filter poses as much of a health hazard as unclean air; as such, everyone is careful with them. This has also made owners of filter purifiers such as IQAir inquire about how long their IQAir filters can last.

So, if you own an IQAir purifier, you should know that their filters can last at least three years. However, this is just an average that can be increased by a shorter period of operation. Conversely, the average can also be decreased by a longer operation period and the surroundings of the air purifier. 

Like all air filters out there, you can always get a long period of operation of your IQAir filter. Nevertheless, this is dependent on the condition that you know how to handle it. If you don’t know how to go about it, reading this article would be an eye-opener. 

Is IQAir Worth The Money?

Air purifiers have always been advertised as an essential tool of the modern man. Like their older cousins, the air conditioners, these devices are a must-have for asthmatic individuals and the like. 

Their importance paved the way for them in the modern world, but this could also be a disadvantage. The reason for this is the multitude of choices out there. Not many people are happy to look through a catalog of 50 nearly identical air purifiers to make a choice. 

Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if all the air purifiers were of similar ability. However, what would you do if unscrupulous individuals also posed as manufacturers and sold duds as the real thing? The situation would become a very delicate one. 

Although most air purifier owners are not sufferers of any breathing-related disease, a good number of them are. While the healthy individuals would not notice much difference, asthma sufferers and individuals with pollen allergies would. A person with asthma would know that their air purifier is a dud when they still have difficulty breathing.

As such, everyone would always hunt down reviews, videos, and other proof that their desired air purifier is genuine. So, if you doubt the capabilities of the IQAir air purifier, then you should desist. With its filtering technology, the IQAir air purifier is worth every penny spent.  

What does IQAir Offer?

If you are contemplating on purchasing the IQAir filter, then you should take a look at your possible gains:

A HEPA filter

A HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate) filter is known to be one of the most common filters around. However, that title is earned without good reason, and it’s rather deserving of it.

With a 99. 97% efficiency in clearing out particles greater than 0.3 microns, the HEPA filter’s capability is satisfactory. This makes it capable of keeping out all particles larger than 0.3 microns, which is a lot. 

When this efficiency is paired with a permanent filter, you could save lots of money. Owning a permanent HEPA filter lets you wash them when they are dirty for reuse once dry. This means replacing your filters because of too much dirt in your surroundings would become a rarely seen possibility.

A Multistage Filtering System

One of the biggest disadvantages of the HEPA filter is its fragility. As a filter produced using special methods, cleaning this filter is only possible using cold water. Of course, this is only commendable for the permanent variety.

Individuals with an air purifier that incorporates a disposable HEPA filter would have no choice but to purchase a replacement. However, replacing the filter with an air purifier you bought the month before may be less appealing than you would imagine. 

Nevertheless, the IQAir air purifier circumvents such inefficiencies by incorporating a pre-filter. Pre-filters could be said to be sturdier versions of filters and are known to be capable of taking considerable damage. 

Pre-filters are also filters themselves, which means they can also prevent dirt from remaining in a room’s air. However, as sturdier filters, you can directly wash them with your detergent when they eventually get dirty. This, in turn, protects the delicate HEPA filter behind them from becoming dirty and requiring cleansing. 

The advantage of a multistage filtering system doesn’t end here. A multistage filtering system typically means more than one filter working in a cleaning device. This means that the air-cleaning device offers twice or more the capability of a regular air purifier. 

A Variety Of Fans Speeds

One of the biggest determinants of a filter’s life span is the fan’s speed. An air purifier that has its fans running full speed all the time would have to replace its filters soonest. However, one that has its fans running at medium or low speed would last much longer. 

An Ozone-Free Air Cleaning Experience   

Ozone is a by-product of electronic air cleaners and ionizers. However, as a passive air purifier, this filter-powered air cleaner wouldn’t produce any Ozone. So, you can rest assured that IQAir is safe for people with asthma and other allergy sufferers alike.

A Noiseless Air Cleaning Air Experience

One of the biggest disadvantages of any filter-based air purifier is its fan, which is a recipe for noise. Unlike active air purifiers, passive air purifiers are generally noisy sort. Their droning ambient sounds are an accepted disadvantage that all owners of such air purifiers have to live by.

However, IQAir declares that they have gone beyond the norm by producing air purifiers with noises in the 22dB range. Such low sounds are generally within the range of whispers, making them acceptably noiseless.


The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) has always been seen as a reliable standard for accessing an air purifier’s capabilities. This metric measures the rate at which an air purifier can remove dust, smoke, and pollen from the air. 

Like all standards, there is a generally accepted standard with the CADR, where higher is better. For instance, smoke has its highest possible rating at 400, pollen at 450, and dust at 450. 

Nevertheless, the IQAir air purifier comes in comfortably at 300. This makes it acceptable as a suitable air purifier in many rooms. So, if you have plans to purchase the IQAir air purifier, you have a lot to benefit from.

How Long Do IQAir Filters Last?

Air filters do many jobs as a core component of passive air purifiers. After all, they are the main air cleaning parts of the passive filters. So it is also natural that they would get dirty with use or get worn with time.

Although many manufacturers have opted to build permanent air filters, this doesn’t exclude them from the fragility of air filters.

An air filter that lasts 3 years is rather commendable, especially when it is a HEPA filter. Fortunately, the IQAir is one of the filters that meet this requirement and can last for three years. 

However, this metric is only based on average usage. If you use your air purifier at the highest fan settings, you shouldn’t expect it to last three years. Neither should you expect the same when the air purifier is running 24/7.

Notwithstanding, there are various ways to extend the viability of your air filter.

How To Extend The Active Lifespan Of An Air Filter 

If you want your filter to last up to its expected active lifespan or longer, then these points can help:

  • Utilize the air purifier at a lower fan speed whenever it’s possible.
  • Turn off the air purifier when you do not need it.
  • Wash the air filter with an interval of at least three months every year.

Following the steps listed above should be able to give your air purifier at least another year in action.

Are IQAir Filters Worth It?

The best way to use a HEPA filter is to replace it after using it for a few months. Although permanent HEPA is purported to be reusable, that has yet to be confirmed. This means that nobody can tell if they actually come out of a wash without being damaged in a way.

However, with the IQAir filters, you don’t have to worry about that since they come fitted with a pre-filter. These pre-filters take the bulk of the pollution damage and leave your HEPA filters untouched. This means you hardly have to remove your main filters to wash them. 

So, the IQAir filters are most definitely worth it.

Is IQAir Legitimate?

The IQAir purifier is a product from the Swiss air quality company, IQAir. Having been in business for more than 55 years, this company has focused on producing air cleaners.

Their long history has seen them produce air quality instruments, air purifiers, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning) systems. Their accomplishments have also meted them the ‘Best Air Purifier’ award from Tom’s Guide in 2020.

With accomplishments like these and a long history in the air cleaning industry, the IQAir company is legitimate.