Can You Leave a Levoit Air Purifier on All the Time?

There are hundreds of air purifiers available today, and each one advertises immense advantages. Levoit air purifiers are one of the outstanding models, and they have certain features that make them a good choice. So, if you have a Levoit air purifier, can you leave it on all the time?

You can leave a Levoit air purifier on all the time, and this is even the recommended format for use. However, when an air purifier cleans the air in a space, the air doesn’t remain clean forever. So it’s best to leave your Levoit unit on all the time to ensure an overall purified atmosphere.

This article explores the safety of sleeping with your Levoit air purifier on all night. I also discuss whether you can run your Levoit air purifier 24/7 and if air purifiers should run on high. 

Is It Safe to Sleep with My Levoit Air Purifier on All Night?

Levoit air purifiers are a top choice for many people because they have good performance tests, a modern design, and other unique features. Some excellent specs of Levoit air purifiers include:

The three-stage filtration system: These air purifiers have a preliminary filter, a true HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, and an activated carbon filter. The preliminary filter (pre-filter) captures all the heavy pollution and larger particles like hair and dust.

The true HEPA filter traps fine airborne particles as the second defense layer, removing 99.97% of 0.3 micron-sized particles or larger. In addition, you’ll find the activated carbon filter joined to the HEPA filter, and it eliminates foul odor from the space.

The Night light: It is adjustable, with three levels of intensity that allow for different preferences. If you or your kid don’t like to sleep in the dark, you can keep the air clean without fear of the dark. 

With three taps on the night light button (control panel), you can use the highest brightness, reduce the intensity, and turn it off.

The three-fan speed and noise levels: At the first (lowest) speed, the unit’s noise is almost undetectable by human ears. The second (medium) speed maintains air quality and is quiet enough not to disturb you. Finally, the device cleans the air faster at the third (highest) speed, making more noise.

It is safe to leave your Levoit air purifier on all night while you sleep. The adjustable night light and speed levels even make it non-distracting as you sleep. You can run the air purifier on the first fan speed and reduce the light’s intensity for quietness and darkness, respectively.

If your Levoit air purifier has a sleep mode setting, you won’t need to manually set the light and fan speed. The air purifier runs quietly at the lowest possible fan speed in sleep mode.

Here’s why you should sleep with your Levoit air purifier on all night:

  1. It cleans up the pollution levels that build up in your room as the night progresses, providing the cleanest air possible. Allergens often settle during the night, increasing your body’s reaction to them. Consequently, you may wake up with a stuffy nose or clogged throat.
  1. The air purifier’s noise can serve as soothing white noise that helps you fall asleep more easily. Your device’s sleep-mode will have it producing a slight buzzing sound that’s rather pleasant and blocks out external sounds.

Your bedroom’s air quality affects the quality of your sleep. It significantly affects how easily you fall asleep, how well you sleep, and even how you feel throughout the day.

Can I Run My Levoit Air Purifier 24/7?

Given the many differing opinions on air purifiers, prospective buyers have many questions. The model to buy, the size that fits their home, and a common one, is how long the purifier should run. 

Like most models, you can leave your Levoit air purifier on 24/7. If you’re always at home, it’s best to run the air purifier all day. This prevents the clean air from re-pollution and ensures you have fresher air with improved quality throughout the day.

Keeping your Levoit air purifier on 24 hours a day works for all scenarios. Whether you address a specific air quality problem like tobacco smoke or just want the best out of your air purifier, use it 24/7. 

Now, you may have some concerns about running your air purifier for so long. Energy consumption and filter quality are aspects of leaving an air purifier on 24/7 that may be troubling. I address these points below:

Energy Consumption

Your fridge or freezer is one of many electronic devices that remain plugged in and run 24/7. The common feature across such electronic devices is that the manufacturer designed them with continual use in mind and to conserve energy. 

The manufacturer made your Levoit air purifier to run like these devices—to serve an ongoing purpose. As a result, it won’t pose a safety hazard because its design can withstand being on for so long. Levoit air purifiers are also energy efficient, and constant use won’t raise your electricity bill significantly.

Filter Replacement

Frequent filter replacement is common with running your Levoit air purifier 24/7. Although the recommended time to change HEPA filters is every six months, round-the-clock will get the filter dirty faster than usual. While this happens, the time it takes for the filter to get dirty isn’t solely dependent on 24/7 use. 

The pollution level in your home’s air also contributes. If the air is filthy, the filter will get dirty faster compared to cleaner air. This remains true, regardless of whether you run the air purifier 24/7 or with breaks in between run times.

Your Levoit purifier forces air through its filters to rid it of pollutants. Leaving the cleaner on 24/7 is the only way to ensure that your room gets the highest possible air quality level. A filter that isn’t running isn’t filtering the air in the room that holds it.

While the filter isn’t running, air circulates naturally, and new contaminants gradually enter the space. In a short time, the air quality within that space returns to its normal level—before the air purifier.

In essence, you can run your Levoit air purifier 23/7, and you should. This way, the purifier cleans the air continuously, removing new pollutants as they come in.

Consider these points before selecting a spot for your Levoit air purifier in your bedroom:

  • Space around the unit: Choose a spot at least four inches from any other objects and 12 to 14 inches away from the walls and furniture. It should also be 6.5 feet away from other electrical appliances.
  • Zero obstructions: For optimum performance, the air purifier needs to freely receive air from all parts of the room. Ensure you place it in an area that’s far from bedsheets or curtains, which may block the unit’s inlet or outlet.
  • Out of your way: Midnight bathroom trips are a reality, and you don’t want to trip (pun intended) on your way to relieving yourself. Since your eyes are often at half-mast as you stumble to the bathroom, place your air purifier out of your path. Ensure the unit and its power cord aren’t in the way when you need to rush to the bathroom during the night.

As long as you put your air purifier in a safe location, you can run it through the night without problems. Enjoy pleasant air without distractions while you sleep. You need it to face your day with energy!

Should Air Purifiers Run on High?

Most air purifiers have more than one power/speed setting, ranging from low to high. While running your air purifier 24 hours a day is best, you don’t always have to run it on the highest setting. Each speed setting has its function, ideal for different scenarios.

The air in your home is dynamic throughout the day, even as your air purifier cleans it. To work efficiently and match the changing air quality, your fan speed should also rotate with the air changes. 

Some high-quality air purifiers come equipped to automatically detect these changes and adjust their settings accordingly. If your purifier’s settings don’t change automatically, you can adjust them manually, according to these tips:

Run the Device on High for a Few Hours

You can let the air purifier’s fan blast at full speed for 15-20 minutes or a few hours, depending on the room’s condition. Spaces with a higher level of pollution will generally take longer to clean, prolonging the duration of a high-speed run.

If the room is also larger, you may have to extend the time. This setting will clear the space by removing most of the airborne particles.

Return to Medium or Low Settings

After the air purifier has cleared out most airborne particles, there’s no need to keep it at maximum speed. Instead, lower the speed or return it to the lowest setting once a few hours have gone by. This will help maintain the clean air level in the room for the rest of the day.

Constantly running your air purifier on high might feel like it’ll tackle the pollutants at full energy, but it’s not the best. Air purifiers produce optimum results when you vary the running speeds according to contaminants per time.