Does PlasmaWave Technology Produce Ozone?

Winix is a well-known manufacturer of air purifiers, and their products are both highly effective and reasonably priced. However, air purifiers raise the question of whether they produce ozone, which is a serious issue. Here’s what I found out after I did some research:

PlasmaWave Technology utilizes a natural filtration mechanism to generate positive and negative ions that securely separate hazardous impurities (at the molecular level) without generating toxic ozone.

Now that the question above is answered, let’s take a more detailed look into plasma technology. This will help us have a better understanding of how it works. We’ll also have answers to some FAQs, so we encourage you to read to the end.

What is the PlasmaWave Technology?

Hydroxyls are created by PlasmaWave Technology to kill germs and viruses without producing ozone. Instead, it utilizes nature’s capacity for air purification and replicates the natural, safe, and effective method for air purification. The device generates a safe and brief electrical discharge that produces ions with dual polarity and disperses them into the air.

As the ions cling to the surface of air pollutants such as bacteria or viruses, hydrogen is gradually removed from their chemical structure. Hence, destroying them results in cleaner, fresher air.

The primary advantages of our PlasmaWave Technology include:

  • Effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria from the air
  • Reduces odors caused by familiar scents (cooking, cigarette smoke)
  • Protects indoor air quality by lowering the rate of mold growth
  • Reduces static electricity, allowing air contaminants to be absorbed by the air purifier’s airflow and sent into the multi-stage filtering process

How Does It Function?

Some Air Purifiers use PlasmaWave Technology to generate dual polarity ions from air moisture. This electrical discharge is entirely safe and only lasts for a brief time. These are hydrogen ions (+H+) and oxygen ions (–O+) (-O2).

The ions stick to the surface of air pollutants to produce hydroxyls by eliminating hydrogen from the air’s structure. This interaction eliminates air pollutants, enabling the ions to reintroduce the hydrogen ion taken from the air pollutants structure.

Unlike an ionizer, an air purifier utilizing PlasmaWave technology generates both positive and negative ions via electricity. This technique transforms the air in WINIX air purifiers into a plasma state. It strikes the water vapor, releasing hydrogen and oxygen from their molecular bonds.

Hydrogen and oxygen are combined to produce hydroxyl radicals (OH). They are unstable molecules that pursue equilibrium by grabbing atoms from adjacent molecules.

Air pollutants are those molecules that are adjacent to one another. They include viruses, bacteria, germs, smells, chemical gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By oxidizing these pollutants, hydroxyl radicals restructure their chemical structures into harmless molecules such as water (H2O), oxygen, or hydrogen.

Air Purifiers and Ozone

Ozone emissions from air purifiers have come under more investigation in recent years. The problem was revealed when it was discovered that manufacturers were marketing ozone generators to consumers as air purifiers.

Typically, ozone generators are utilized in business settings to eliminate odors and pollution. However, while they’re in use, no humans or animals should be around because they generate a significant amount of ozone. This can result in a variety of respiratory ailments when inhaled.

Following this, California mandated that all devices sold shouldn’t generate harmful Ozone levels. As a result, you will find that most air purifiers on the market today don’t emit a harmful ozone level.

Notwithstanding, a recent study conducted at the University of California – Irvine demonstrated that even safety-certified indoor air purifiers could pose a risk. This is because the ozone created by air purifiers tends to build in a room over time. It’s particularly true in tiny, poorly ventilated spaces.

Health Implications of Ground-Level Ozone

While ozone is quite useful in the high atmosphere, it is designated as a harmful gas at ground level. Ozone can cause a variety of health concerns when inhaled. It impairs lung function, irritates the throat, and causes coughing.

It may induce chest pain and exacerbate symptoms in pre-existing respiratory diseases. Additionally, ozone can react with other chemical gases. Inhalation of ozone, whether alone or in combination with other substances, isn’t recommended for health reasons.

Which Winix Air Cleaners Produce Ozone?

All Winix Air Purifiers incorporate PlasmaWave technology. As a result, they emit a trace amount of ozone when the PlasmaWave feature is engaged.

Each of these air purifiers has been tested and proven to emit less ozone than the Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum permitted limit of 50 parts per billion (EPA). 

Additionally, PlasmaWave technology is an optional feature on any of these air purifiers. You can turn it off, and the air purifier’s filters will continue to function normally.

PlasmaWave is also an optional phase in the air purification process that removes additional contaminants. This isn’t a required step, and you can use any Winix Air Purifier model without turning it on.

Why Is PlasmaWave Superior To Alternative Technologies?

PlasmaWave Technology is frequently mislabeled as an “ionizer” or confused with technology that generates negative ions. However, its technique is considerably superior to ionizers in that it generates both positive and negative ions.

Negative ion air purifiers don’t remove all toxins from the air. Instead, they aggregate the toxins and settle onto the surface of furniture and flooring. Daily actions like walking or vacuuming can help reintroduce these pollutants into the air.

Is PlasmaWave A Safe Technology?

Yes, Plasmawave complies with the California Air Resource Board’s AB 2276 standard. It’s the most stringent certification standard in the United States for indoor air cleaning ozone emissions. Air-cleaning devices must undergo electrical safety testing and have an ozone emission value of fewer than 0.05 parts per million.

What Does PlasmaWave Do On Winix?

Hydroxyls are created by WINIX PlasmaWave Technology to kill germs and viruses without causing hazardous ozone. It utilizes nature’s capacity for air purification and replicates the natural, safe, and effective method for air purification.

Is PlasmaWave Technology Bad for You?

Filter-based air purifiers produce no hazardous byproducts, making them safe for your health. They purify the air by removing harmful and allergy-inducing particles, leaving only clean air. On the other hand, Ozone generators are an inappropriate and even dangerous solution.

Plasma wave technology is one of the most effective air purification systems available. However, any device that creates ions will produce some ozone. It’s impossible to argue that it doesn’t produce ozone, as it smells quite strongly.

Does PlasmaWave Technology Produce Ozone?

PlasmaWave Technology uses a natural filtration mechanism to separate dangerous contaminants and generate positive and negative ions.

Why do Winix Air Purifiers produce ozone?

They generate Ozone because Winix Air Purifiers utilize PlasmaWave technology. PlasmaWave technology infiltrated your room with charged particles called ions. These ions react with contaminants and eject them from the environment.

The air purifier generates these ions by infusing a small electric charge into the air passing through it. This electrical charge results in the formation of charged chemical molecules known as ions. Some Oxygen molecules are transformed into ozone by the electricity in this process.

PlasmaWave isn’t a fundamental feature of Winix Air Purifiers’ air purification system. Instead, it’s a discretionary step that can be disabled while the remaining air purification processes continue to operate normally.

Can The Winix Air Purifiers’ Ozone-Generating Mechanism Be Turned Off?

Yes, all Winix air purifiers can be utilized once the ozone-generating technology is turned off. This technique is referred to as PlasmWave on Winix Air Purifiers.

Which Winix air purifiers are equipped with PlasmaWave technology?

The following is a list of numerous Winix air purifiers that have integrated PlasmaWave technology:

  • A230 360° All-in-One 4-Stage Air Purifier
  • C535 3-Stage Air Purifier with PlasmaWave® Technology
  • HR900 Ultimate Pet 5-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier
  • AM80 4-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier
  • XQ Dual 4-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier

Ionizers and air purifiers might cause respiratory difficulties without the PlasmaWave. Many of them simply emit negative ions, which are quite dangerous.

Is Winix PlasmaWave a Virus Killer?

Following a study, properly wearing a mask and maintaining an adequate social distance can significantly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. However, concerns regarding aerosol transmission have driven many people to opt for air purifiers.

Typically, during a COVID-19 epidemic, the safest place to be is in your home. As a result, the average person rarely needs an air purifier. This is especially true if you only socialize with people in your house.

Winix PlasmaWave air purifiers include a HEPA filter that has been shown to effectively filter out dangerous particles in the air. It’s capable of eradicating viruses, ensuring the safety of your indoor air, and preventing COVID-19 transmission.

COVID-19 has risen to prominence as a primary interest in recent times, exerting the most significant influence on how we function. It surely affects the way we maintain and sterilize our homes.

We can all agree that we are all taking additional efforts and procedures to ensure the cleanliness of our living spaces. According to experts, the cleanliness of your indoor air has never been more critical.

With the bulk of our lives spent indoors, Air Purifiers are reliable and valuable equipment that may help you and your family live in a safer atmosphere.