What Does the Orange Light Mean on My Dyson Air Purifier? 

Most smart devices, including air purifiers, are designed with different LED light indicators. The function of these indicators is to show when there’s a system error or as maintenance reminders. So what does it mean when your Dyson Air Purifier shows an amber or orange light?

Your Dyson Air Purifier will show a steady or popping orange or amber light if it’s operating under an unsuitable temperature. For example, if your air purifier remains at a temperature that’s beyond normal, it might stop working. An amber light could also show that your machine is charging and will go off once it’s fully charged.

The meaning of the different LED indicators is dependent on the Dyson Air Purifier model that you have. To successfully troubleshoot your Dyson air purifier, you’ll need to know what each solid or popping indicator means. Keep reading to better understand the different LED lights in your old model Dyson air purifier.

What Does the Green Light Mean on My Dyson?

The Dyson brand has become popular for producing air purifiers that come in different designs, shapes, and colors. In addition, the brand has produced various configurations of vacuum cleaners, including the robot, stick, and handheld vacuums.

The company has evolved its filter device into smarter alert systems that use LCD monitors or icons to indicate errors. However, older models of their air purification systems are still very much available and used in homes today. These older devices were configured to use different LED lights colors to indicate maintenance reminders and dictated issues.

A bold green indicator on your Dyson Air Purifier only signals that your battery pack is charging. It also indicates that your air filtration unit is in good condition.

In older models like the DC44, the flashing green light from the charger means something different. It’s an indicator that the device is too cold or too hot. Your machine will either go off to prevent overheating, or the battery will stop charging.

If the flashing becomes increasingly fast, quickly change the location of your machine. Place it in a spot where it can cool off or heat up to meet the room’s temperature.

Once your purifier’s temperature normalises, plug it in and check if the green light is steady. If the green light becomes stable, it means that your device is successfully charging.

In a situation where the green light is flashing slowly, it’s probably an indicator that your batteries need replacement time. However, if the green light persists after charging, it could be a pointer to a more severe systemic issue. You can consult the Dyson repair team to get the issue resolved.

While charging your air purifier, you might also notice a blue light on both sides of the battery. The lights will keep popping on and off all through the charging period. The blue lights go off once the unit is fully charged in about six to ten seconds.

It takes approximately three to five hours for the batteries in most air purifiers to get fully powered.

Your air purifier can still show blue light even though it’s not connected to any source of electricity. This blue light is relatively permanent and tells you that your unit operates at a normal temperature or mode.

However, some air purifier models can use a flashing blue light to indicate that the unit is running out of power. You can easily tell the difference here because the system isn’t plugged into any power source. Once plugged in, the amber light comes on instead.

Red lights are used when the air purifier detects something faulty with an essential part. More often than not, it’s an indication of a battery pack failure. You’ll notice that your purifier will indicate a red light instead of the usual amber or orange signal when charging.

Battery pack failure is usually caused by a low voltage of the 18650 lithium-ion cells. Issues like these aren’t DIY-friendly because it’s difficult to open this battery pack without causing damages. You’re strongly advised to call your Dyson Air Purifier helpline for a professional and effective fix.

Can Your Air Purifier Battery Be Reset?

Air purifier batteries can’t be reset when they get bad; you’ll have to replace the batteries. Try charging it first if you suspect that something has probably gone wrong with your unit’s battery. Some models tend to misbehave if they’re not adequately charged while there’s nothing faulty with the battery. 

If there are no lights indication anywhere on your air purifier when plugged, you may have a faulty charger. In addition, excess power voltage could damage your system’s charger. This can happen if the increase occurs suddenly.

Models like the Dyson V7 Animal come with battery chargers and smart configurations, so it doesn’t charge excessively. The battery is intended to stay permanently on “charging”.

This means you should leave the air purifier charging even when not in use. Doing this will help keep your filtration unit ready for the next use. 

Models like the Dyson V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, and V11 are wireless devices, and they use batteries. So if you observe your machine’s battery pack flashing red lights, there could be an issue with the battery cells.

When a machine’s battery pack is faulty, it’s more likely that the cells are damaged. The extent of battery pack damage depends on how long the cells have stayed bad and how depleted they’ve become. Over time, the battery will progressively lose its effectiveness and may get discharged more often.

When the red lights flash from both sides of your battery pack, your system is due for a new battery. Thankfully there are numerous replacement batteries available for purchase online.

For example, the XYT-Tech 21.6V 3000mAh replacement battery is compatible with different Dyson models like the Absolute Animal, Dc59, and V6.

What Does the Orange Light Mean on My Dyson Air Purifier?

For the most part, you’ll notice an orange or amber light showing on your air purifier when it’s charging. The light lets you know that your device is correctly connected to the electricity source.

Once the system is fully charged, the light will go off or switch to another colour indicating its charged state.

Also, when your air purifier flashes an orange or amber light, it could be an indication that something isn’t right. In some cases, the orange light signals that the device is operating at a different temperature outside its usual. This is more likely to occur when your air purifier is placed in an environment with a very high temperature.

What Does an Exclamation Point in a Triangle Mean on a Dyson Hp04 Air Purifier?

Like most smart and sophisticated devices, air purifiers can experience a temporary or permanent crash. These systematic breakdowns could either be a production mishap or a processing error while operating your machine. For instance, a system malfunction can make your machine unable to process specific command inputs.

Some Dyson air purifier users have complained about noticing a triangle with an exclamation point and wonder what it means. If you see such a sign on your air purifier, it’s an indication of a systematic error. This usually means that your device is experiencing a challenge and unable to carry out the last directive issued.

The first thing I suggest is disconnecting your machine from power and removing the filter. Then, give a few minutes (about three to five) before replacing the filter and reconnecting the air purifier. 

After your machine comes on, you’ll need to reset the filter’s timer. Press down the timer button and wait for the countdown to appear on the small screen to perform a reset. Once the countdown ends, you’ve successfully reset your system and set it to run normally.

This action can be performed using its remote control for air purifiers with activated carbon filters. Press and hold down the Oscillation button on the remote control. The micro monitor on your machine will begin to count down from five.

After the countdown, your activated carbon filter level will be reset, and your unit is set to resume operation.

If your unit is on auto mode, the speed at which the fan runs should reduce after performing a reset. This is your air purifier’s way of getting reacquainted with your room. The fan’s speed will gradually increase when the machine begins active air filtration.

Press and hold the Night mode button on your unit’s remote control to reset a HEPA filter. The system’s display activates a countdown from five. Afterwards, you would have completed the glass HEPA filter level reset and can commence running your unit.

If the exclamation mark shows up again not long after performing all the reset, you’ll have to contact the company’s Helpline. However, be warned that their response can be sluggish and could even take up to a month or two. People with similar issues have shared different stories of how frustrating it was to fix issues with their Dyson systems.