Why Is Blueair Air Purifier Not HEPA?

Blueair home purifiers have become one of the top-quality air purifier options available in the market today. This enhanced and modern unit has a special HEPASilent component which people often liken to a True HEPA filter. This has led to users asking what makes a Blueair air purifier different from a standard HEPA filter?

The Blueair air purifier operates with a unique technology known as the HEPASilent Filtration. Most people tend to confuse this with a True HEPA filtration which isn’t the same thing. While the former uses both a mechanical and an electrostatic mode of operation, the latter only works mechanically.

The Blueair home purifier brand hasn’t only penetrated the market but has tried to maintain a positive reputation. This article will help clear the confusion between the Blueair air purifier models and a True HEPA filter. I’ll also give detailed explanations on some of these popular Blueair air purifier models. 

Does Blueair Use a HEPA Filter?

Most people confuse Blueair purifiers with true HEPA filtration technology. They may perform similar functions, but they aren’t the same. 

Blueair air purifiers have a unique purifying system known as HEPASilent. To know and understand the difference, I’ll explain both purifying systems.

A standard HEPA filter only operates by mechanically trapping the impurities in a room’s air. This implies that its 99% air purification guarantee is still achieved with a single technique. 

The HEPASilent filtration system, on the other hand, operates by merging an effective air purification mechanism with a silent operation. This means that this system uses both an electrostatic and a mechanical filtration technique, unlike a conventional HEPA filter.

First, the electrostatic chamber charges the airborne impurities in the room. This action makes it possible for the charged impurities to get easily trapped in the filter.

Blueair HEPASilent purifiers are considered a more improved technology when considering air purifiers in general. 

A good example is the Blueair HealthProtect purifier type, an advanced smart device. The 7470i model, for instance, comes in an attractive spherical exterior and has a mobile app. In addition, owners can operate this contemporary model using Google assistant and Alexa, among other additional benefits.

How Does HEPASilent Filtration Work?

The HEPASilent purifying system has two steps of operation. These steps include the following:

  1. Firstly, the chambers are charged with negative ions through an ionizer. On release into the atmosphere, these charged anions stick themselves to polluting particles charging them as well. They also get pulled into the purifying device by charging the particles as though drawn by a magnetic force.
  2. Here, the newly charged impurities are processed by the HEPA filter and eventually filtered out. 

The HEPASilent Filtration has a unique enhanced filter density mechanism, making the filter denser at one end. As a result, the mechanical components of the HEPA filter have a greater impact on impurities bigger than 1 micron. Then the filter fibers trap down these polluting particles as they move around the airflow.

While the electrostatic components focus their action on impurities smaller than 1 micron. The particles are drawn into the filter chamber and, by doing so, gets stuck to the surface areas.

The HEPASilent Filtration employs this double mechanism combination. This accounts for its 98% to 100% cleaning efficiency for impurities down to the size of 0.1 microns. 

In addition to the double-action filtration function, HEPASilent has an activated carbon purification step. This carbon purifier helps eliminate organic gaseous compounds, odors and chemical pollutants in the atmosphere. These classes of pollutants are resistant to the mechanical impact of a regular HEPA filter.

Why Is Blueair Air Purifier Not HEPA?

The Blueair air purifier operates with a unique technology known as the HEPASilent Filtration. Most people seldom confuse the HEPASilent mechanism with a True HEPA filtration, but they aren’t the same thing.

Unlike the Blueair purifier, a True HEPA filter employs a compact mechanical filter to pull and eliminate atmospheric impurities. Whereas, Blueair’s HEPASilent Filtration uses a combination of an ionization system and loose filters to operate.

This unique filtration technology helps to ensure that the fans remain quiet even when running at high speeds. The unit is also designed to blend into different home surroundings without obstructing the main decor pattern.

Advantages of Blueair Air Purifier

  • It’s simple to operate and quite efficient in getting rid of airborne contaminants of different natures.
  • They come in petite and portable designs for easy mobility.
  • The company offers its customers a benevolent and flexible warranty and return offer.
  • They come in assorted elegant and stylish designs.
  • The system has an app that lets you program certain automatic functions even in your absence.
  • There are a lot of positive reviews from users who attest to the practicality of the product.

Disadvantages of Blueair Air Purifier

  • Compared to most air purifying systems available, the Blueair air purifier is expensive.
  • There have been some negative reviews about their poor customer service encounter. Specifically, some reviewers have mentioned having a bad experience in cases where their unit had to be fixed or returned.
  • While it filters impurities in a room’s air, the carbon layer in some of the model’s filters can be perceived.
  • This air purifier is likely to emit ozone, although in minimal quantities.

Is Blueair 411 a True HEPA Filter?

The Blueair 411 is configured with a True HEPA multi-stage filtration system. As a result, this Blueair model is as efficient as other improved Blueair purifier designs, with the only difference being its smaller size. 

What the Blueair 411 model seems to lack in size, it made up for with energy. This portable powerhouse unit comes with an improved True HEPA technology, plus an activated carbon particle and odor filtration mechanism. With this, you don’t have to sacrifice the unit’s size for its effectiveness.

This petite filtration system can serve tight room spaces and areas as small as 164 square feet. So it’s suitable for cramped places such as small offices and bedrooms, lounge areas and even dorms.

This model seems to be an appropriate solution nowadays where people clamor for portable but highly-efficient smart devices. The Blueair 411 purifier helps to maximize the available space while still providing owners with optimal filtration benefits.

Here’s how the Blueair 411 True HEPA multi-stage filtration operates:

This unit has a washable and reusable multicolored pre-filter fiber designed from surplus microfibers. This preliminary filter helps screen out larger particles like a pet or human hair. It also filters macro dust molecules and other polluting particles.

Blueair air 411 has two internal filtration systems- the activated carbon filter and the microparticulate filter. A combined impact of these internal filtration technologies removes up to 99% of micro airborne matters. In addition, they wipe small-sized particles down to 2.5 microns.

This filtration system removes atmospheric pollutants, including dust mites, pollen, viruses, and bacteria. It also eliminates odors, harmful VOCs, and gaseous polluting molecules from chemicals and smoke.

Does Blueair 211 Use a HEPA Filter?

The Blueair 211 Pure model doesn’t make use of a HEPA filter. In fact, it costs double the price of a single true HEPA filter purifier.

Blueair filtration technology was configured to provide users with quality airflow but with minimal noise and less energy application. This goal is made possible with the aid of the special filter chamber, which allows for enhanced airflow. The filtration technology is enabled to achieve this due to its low, dense filter configuration.

For Blueair purifiers to integrate a true HEPA filter, the room’s proportion should be about 60% or below. At the same time, the improved Blueair filtration system performs optimal air purification functions even with wider room dimensions.

Features and Specifications of the Blueair Pure 211

The compact no-frills design of the Blueair Pure 211 Plus makes its operation easy. Using its 360 degrees airflow operation, this system draws in airborne contaminants from all angles of the room. 

With a single button, you get to regulate both the system’s speed and power control. This button also indicates when the unit’s filter is due for replacement. Additionally, it notifies you by switching the colours, indicating that the filter has served its recommended time. 

The Blueair 211 plus is originally designed to operate in large-sized rooms. However, its filtration capacity can effectively sanitize the air in rooms up to 530 square feet. Designed with a tripartite-particle purification technique, the unit can cleanse the air not less than four times in under an hour.

Despite the sophisticated functions of this air purifier model, it’s not a heavyweight device like some other systems. However, this system could prove difficult to move around because it isn’t equipped with wheels or a handle for that purpose.

A special HEPASilent mechanism provides sufficient airflow and maximum Filtration while curtailing the generated noise. In addition, the sleek and stylish design makes the system suitable for different types of room decor.

The Blueair 211 comes with a reusable and washable preliminary filter as a side attraction. This filter traps large-sized impurities and, by doing so, extends the durability of the system’s major filter. In addition, you can choose to vacuum the pre-filter when it doesn’t require thorough cleaning.

A steady cleaning routine is required to guarantee optimum performance of the unit’s primary filter. The filter fabrics are also available in assorted colours to give you a broader option to select from.

The combined impact of the carbon filter and the three-particle cleaning system utilizes activated carbon. With that, it can rid the room’s air of odors produced by pets, gases and cooking smoke.

Blueair 211 doesn’t apply a true HEPA filter, yet its main filter can eliminate up to 99% of airborne impurities. In addition, it removes pollutants such as mold, pet dander, pollen, and other particles present in the air at any time.

These air purifier types aren’t necessarily equipped with an air quality detector. However, by automated programming, the unit can acclimate its filtering speed to match the level of pollutants detected. 

The Blueair 211 is energy efficient and doesn’t consume significant power. So even if you choose to burst your unit 24/7, it would still maintain a minimal level of electricity consumption.

Product’s Cost and Quality

The Blueair Pure 211 Plus isn’t in the category of cheap air purifiers, with prices ranging between $180 to $250. However, the mouth-watering benefits it promises makes the unit a worthy investment. 

The designers strongly advise that users refrain from using filters other than the customized Blueair filters. These filters don’t come cheap as they cost about $75 to replace. You’ll need to replace the filters at least twice a year.

The company offers a discounted price for customers who subscribe to a regular filter replacement package. This makes it easy for users to keep their units running effectively all year round.

This unique purifying system is designed to perform effectively in large house areas like the living room. You can also install it near odor emitting regions like the kitchen to keep the air in such areas fresh.

Due to its portable size and lightweight, you can move the unit from room to room. That said, note that the Blueair Pure 211 Plus is designed with a 360⁰ air intake. This implies that installing the system flush against a wall may not be feasible.

The Blueair 211 is made with top-quality fiber and components to ensure its quality and durability. Additionally, all parts of this product can be recycled, so there’s nothing left to waste.

The Blueair home purifiers aren’t just unique by mere physical features but are very practical in reality. With top-notch efficiency, these units help to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. So if you’re searching for a durable, functional, and stylish home purifier, the Blueair brand might satisfy that need. 

I believe this article has done justice in clarifying the uncertainty between a Blueair purifier and a True HEPA filter.