Can Hanging Onions Purify Your Air?

The air inside your home is 2 to 5 times more impure than that outside, so you always need to come up with something that will make it clean. People often rely on air purifiers to remove toxins and impurities from the air, but there are also other viable remedies such as using onions. But are they likely to purify the air?

To some extent, onions can purify the air since it is able to absorb bacteria and germs from it. There is no scientific proof that can support this claim and people say that it instead spreads mould in the room. But people in the past have been using it as a remedy for flu during the cold season.

There are different remedies to air purification in a room among them being using plants such as onions and proper ventilation. This article highlights the use of onions to purify the air and what it actually does. Moreover, you will know whether it has some antibacterial properties for this purpose, kindly keep reading.

What Does An Onion In The Bedroom Do?

For many years now, people have been relying on onions to cure some infections such as flu and cold for many years now. Often it is placed in the room of someone who is sick since people it is able to deal with the germs or bacteria causing the disease. Well, for some people, this actually works,s but the truth is that there is no truth behind it and more so no scientific proof to support it.

According to some scientists, onions are inherently bacterial. They are therefore able to clean and purify the air in your bedroom. By doing this, they help reduce the chances of catching colds since their antibacterial feature comes in handy in killing the bacteria present in the air.

Apart from reducing the risks of catching a cold, onions also seem helpful in purifying the germs and bacteria in the body. Moreover, they help clean the lungs and make one’s immune system stronger. When you peel and place them in the corner of the room, they will help in promoting some healing effect.

To help in these things and much more, you have to ensure that you correctly place it. Not all onions will help you achieve this effect; usually, the best results will come from a fresh onion that still has its roots. You should then place it on a cup with water until the sources are deep into the water.

Ensure that the cup is well-lit to enhance the e quick growth of the leaves and the roots. Also, it is important to change the water in the cup every 3 to 5 days, prune the leaves and peel its outer skin then place it in a suitable location around your house.

You can also place the onion next to your bed when sleeping so as to deal with the congestion around your throat. The scent that the onion produces helps in relaxing one’s breathing and reducing pain in the body. For kids with a stuffy nose, it will help them sneeze out the stuck mucus.

Usually, using onion in the bedroom will also help keep the air moist. Dry air tends to cause medical issues such as cold and allergies so the onions will help in dealing with this. So to some extent, it is pretty helpful in the air around comfortable and breathable.

While this remedy somehow works for some, there are also some scientists who believe that it is not viable. Usually, onions do not provide a suitable environment where bacteria and virucan live. Yes, they will help remove germs and bacteria from someone, but they cannot kill the germs. Also, most bacteria tend to thrive well in the human body, so when you are sick, they will multiply but it has a way of fighting this back.

Onions are useful to some extent in the body, but they may not be viable in preventing illnesses; maybe they just suppress them. Also, no proof placing it in the bedroom will help absorb germs and deal with the bacteria. It is however okay to rely on it to some extent.

Can Hanging Onions Really Purify Your Air?

Onions are a traditional remedy to some issues such as flu and throat congestion. In the past, the doctors would use them among other herbs to deal with the impurities in the air which was believed to cause diseases. There is no scientific proof of this, even though some people think th works.

If you want the onions to clean the impurities in the air, then the best thing to do is to ensure that you use many fresh onions at a time. However, you know that onions have the crying effect, which may be pretty uncomfortable and make your air unbreathable. Onions having antiviral and antibacterial properties will fight the bacterial and viruses available.

The downside of this is that they create a safe and suitable place for the mould to grow around the house. Other than this, they are quite lovely, especially during the cold season. Flu comes to be due to inhalation of dirty and dry air.

Using onions tends to keep the air moist for easy breathing. Moreover, it will absorb bacteria and toxins in the air, making it clean. However, it may not be able to deal with most impurities such as pollen, smoke, pet dander, and gases,, so you can not entirely rely on it.

The ability of onions to purify the air is just pure claims with no justifiable evidence of how they do it. It is also said that there is nothing so special in an onion that can help it in killing germs. Actually, it normally provides a breeding area for bacteria and viruses which makes the air dirty.

So many people will try to place onion in the room or maybe a sick person believing that it will help them. But there is no evidence that this works since they cannot absorb toxins from the air. Onions will not help remove allergens and viruses, so they cannot cure colds.

If you are looking for a natural remedy to purify the air around your space, then you can try using essential oils. Moreover, household plants such as lily will come in handy. Most importantly, you remove most toxins from the air by ensuring proper ventilation around your home.

Does Onion Have Antibacterial Properties?

Onions are known to cure r quite a couple of illnesses especially those that come due to bacteria and viruses from the air. To achieve this, they do so since they are not prone to contamination by bacteria. In other words, onions do have anti-bacterial properties.

These properties come to be due to the presence of sulphur compounds in them. If you are going to use it, then the best combination will be garlic and lime. Through this, it can inhibit the growth of certain strains.

It is also okay if you intend to use it alone but do not expect much from it. Despite its anti-bacterial properties, it will not completely clear out the bacteria present in the air. So you cannot rely on it for air purification.

Some scientists, sts such as Dr MacDonald, argue that there is no such thing that onions can absorb bacteria from the atmosphere. This means that they are not likely to protect you from flu or cold that comes to be due to breathing in dirty and dry air.

When you cut an onion, it releases enzymes that cause a chemical reaction yielding sulphuric acid. It is the sulphuric acid that brings about the crying effect. Also, this acid helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, so this is where the antibacterial property in the onion comes from.

Usually, if you cut the onion after some time, the top will dry. Such reduces the moisture that helps bacteria to multiply. But in this case, it inhibits bacteria growth within it and not around the air around you.

Some of the bacteria that it can fight to include E. coli and S. aureus, and It is also known to inhibit the growth of others, such as Vibrio cholera. From the traditional view, onions are great for dealing with flu and other infections. But this claim is not enough despite them having anti-bacterial properties.

For any plant to have such properties, then it means that it can deal with the bacteria present in the air. To some extent, onions can do this, but there is no evidence to support it. However, do not rely on it for cleaning your air.

It works well for some when it comes to suppressing some of these infections. It is also powerful In reducing congestion around the throat. It will not, however, help in preventing such from happening.

There is so much onion can do to your body other than give you nutrients. However, you should not rely on it to clean up your air from impurities. Such requires better remedies such as an air purifier which will suck out all the bacteria present in the air amongst other germs causing diseases.