Why Is My Dyson Air Purifier Blinking?

Having a weirdly themed light flashing intermittently on your device is never a relaxing experience. Unless you’re an expert with Dyson air purifiers, you’ll naturally be uneasy about what’s happening. However, if you’re looking to solve the problem, you should first try to learn why the air filter blinks.

Dyson air purifiers usually blink different codes to convey an error message to the operator or user. For example, a blinking E denotes a failed request; a blinking F means the filter light is poorly calibrated, etc. You should read the rest of the article to understand what blinking lights mean.

Apart from explaining the meaning of the lights blinking on your Dyson Air Purifier, this article will also offer solutions. From resetting the device to resetting the filter lights, this is an informative Dyson air filter beginner’s guide.

How Do I Know If My Dyson Air Purifier Is Working?

When you start seeing a weird light flashing in your hair purifier, you should check if the device is working. There are many reasons to check if your air filter is working properly, but it takes experience to know any.

If you have an air quality monitor, it’s usually the best way to check if your air purifier works. You can use this device to test the efficiency of your air purifier almost as soon as you turn it on. Then, place it near the air filter to see if the reading shows that the Dyson purifier is doing any work at all.

However, it’s implausible that the average user of a Dyson Air Purifier will have an air quality monitor handy. In this case, you’ll have to rely on the traditional means to test the device’s efficiency. For example, one of the common ways to test if your purifier is working is by checking if it’s blowing out any air.

If the air purifier doesn’t seem to be blowing out any air, it’s probably not working. Try some of the troubleshooting steps in the following section to get your air filter working again.

Why Is My Dyson Air Purifier Blinking?

Dyson air purifiers don’t display an intelligible message each time something happens. In some cases, they denote the occurrence of an event or issue with a blinking light or letter. If your air purifier is blinking anything, you may want to know what it means before attempting any troubleshooting steps.

As hinted above, most Dyson air purifiers have many status codes that they represent by blinking. Unfortunately, asking why your air purifier blinks is too unspecific to make any recommendations. However, it will almost certainly be one of the issues explained below.

Here are some of the primary reasons why your Dyson air purifier might be blinking and the associated codes:

Blinking E: Unable To Complete Request

If your Dyson air purifier flashes “E” continuously after you enter a command, it’s probably incapable of completing the command. You can usually enter another command if the E continues flashing, but not when it stops. If the E stops flashing, the machine has stopped working, and you’ll need a restart to use it again.

In most cases, you can quickly press the power button twice to restart the air purifier, solving this issue. However, if that doesn’t work, you should consider resetting the air filter completely to get the device working again.

Blinking Red Light: Faulty Metal Sensor

When you press the power button on your Dyson air purifier, it should flash a red light briefly. However, when this red light blinks repeatedly, it almost certainly signifies a problem. In most cases, the issue is with the metal sensor in the bottom corner of the device’s body.

If you see a red light repeatedly blinking with the air purifier malfunctioning, try to correct the sensor’s position. You can always seek the help of a professional if you’re not very comfortable with modifying your Dyson purifier. After fixing it, you can restart your device to see if the blinking red light persists as before.

Blinking F: Poorly Calibrated Filter Light

After changing the filter, it’s important to reset your filter light to sync the device with the new components. Failure to fix this will prevent the device from working, and if it does, it will do a poor job. Also, since it can’t tell how long you’ve been using the filters correctly, the air purifier will be inefficient.

You can reset your filter light by following the instructions in subsequent sections in this article. If you want a TL;DR, hold down the sleep button on your remote for five seconds to fix the issue. You can also reset the entire device if you’ve misplaced your remote, although this is not recommended for most.

Of course, there are many other reasons why your air purifier might be blinking, and I can’t possibly cover all. However, I’ve tried to cover the most common ones, and I think trying the fixes above should solve the issue.

You may want to move on to the last resort; resetting your air purifier. While it isn’t much of a big deal like resetting your phone or laptop, it still requires making some decisions. If you’ve decided to reset your Dyson Air Purifier, follow the steps in the following section to do so.

How Do I Reset My Dyson Air Purifier?

There are multiple ways to reset a Dyson Air Purifier, especially if you have the remote handy. The reset process is straightforward with the remote, while it may be somewhat challenging without it.

If you’re reading a guide on resetting an air purifier from Dyson, you’ve probably lost the remote. Because of this, I’ll be showing you how to reset the air purifier without the remote first.

Follow the steps below to reset a Dyson air purifier without having the remote handy:

Find The Standby ON/OFF Button

Every air filter from Dyson has the iconic standby button that turns the device on or off when pressed. While most people generally use this button to toggle their air purifier on or off, it does more than that. The ON/OFF button isn’t labeled with text; instead, it carries the logo for the power button on most devices.

If you can’t locate this button, you may want to refer to the owner’s manual you got with the device. This guide should contain every control on your air purifier, their names, and what they do. Then, simply locate the power button from this manual and move on to the next step.

Press And Hold The Standby ON/OFF Button

After locating this button, you’ll have to press and hold it down to completely reset your Dyson Air Purifier. You should already know that pressing the button once will turn the device on or off. However, holding it down for many seconds at once will reset the air purifier, removing all your settings and preferences.

Generally, you should hold down the button until you see the Wi-Fi symbol flashing white and green. This is an indication that you’ve wiped your Wi-Fi settings and, by extension, everything else from the purifier. When this happens, you’ve successfully reset your Dyson air purifier without using the remote control.

This method is the quickest way to reset your device whenever it develops a fault that’s hard to diagnose. Even if you’re unable to access the Dyson app from your smartphone, this method will reset the device regardless.

If you have the remote control for the Dyson air purifier handy, it will be useless for resetting the device. While it can reset the filter life, there’s a difference between resetting the filter life and the actual device. Resetting your filter life frequently is necessary for enabling the feature that notifies you to replace the filters.

How To Reset Dyson Air Purifier Filter Life

After replacing the filters in your air purifier, it’s important to reset your filter life. Resetting your filter life makes it possible for your purifier to remind you when to change the filters.

There are two main ways to reset the filter life on a Dyson air purifier, one of which is correct. The first method is resetting the entire device, requiring you to reset your Wi-Fi and most other settings. Since that method is problematic, you should only consider the second option; using your remote control.

If you have your device’s remote control handy, here are the steps required to reset a Dyson air purifier:

  • Press and hold down the night mode or sleep timer button on the remote until the device starts counting down. This button is at the bottom right of your remote, and a half-moon icon represents it.
  •  Wait for the Dyson air purifier to count down from five, after which the filter life will reset. You can check the countdown timer on display included in your air filter.

You should only attempt resetting the filter life of your air purifier after changing the filters. If you reset it without changing the filters, the device will think it’s working at maximum capacity when it isn’t.