How Often To Change HEPA Filter In Air Purifier?

If you are using an air purifier at your home, you are probably wondering when is the right time to change the HEPA filter that is inside. Some air purifiers allow cleaning, while others are non-washable, meaning they require regular replacement. So, how often should you change the HEPA filter in your air purifier? 

Most manufacturers recommended that you change the HEPA filter in your air purifier every six months. However, there are factors that determine the lifespan of the filter, so you can always test it to specify when exactly a replacement will be needed. Some filters can be used even for years.

You have probably read the instructions for use given with your air purifier, so you might have read that your HEPA filter should be replaced every six or twelve months. However, these recommendations might not be entirely true, and you may end up wasting money on filters every six months. Therefore, in this article, I have explained how you can test your HEPA filter and check when your air purifier requires a certain replacement.

How Long Does A HEPA Air Filter Last? 

There are many variations of HEPA filters, but they generally work on the same principle. However, they come with several different conjunctions, and these usually influence the work of the air purifier, hence the span of the same. This means that HEPA filters in different air purifiers can have a different life expectancy. 

The lifespan of the HEPA filter also depends on the type of air purifier that you are using. Many air purifiers have different configurations, so they do not work in the same way, which means that the functionality of the HEPA filter is used differently. Also, you have to take into consideration that people use air purifiers at different times, i.e. some use them all the time, while others occasionally. 

Throughout the time these air filters get worn out, but you can never predict their exact life span of them. The only logical and effective way to determine the lifespan of a HEPA air filter is by taking into consideration various factors that affect the work of the filter in the first place. So, even though you might see recommendations and predictions given by manufacturers on the life expectancy of a HEPA air filter, you cannot actually rely on them. 

Therefore, you will have to think about the things that affect the functionality of the HEPA filter, and the ways in which you use your air purifier. When you do this, you will see that you might even have the chance to use your air filter for a longer time than predicted. In other words, it would be wise to determine the lifespan of the HEPA air filter on your own. 

Factors That Affect The Work Of A HEPA Air Filter 

As I mentioned earlier, you have to look into the factors that determine the life expectancy of the HEPA air filter. These factors are usually dependent on you and your own use of the air purifier in your home. Also, these factors include the environmental conditions under which you use your air purifier. 

Therefore, when trying to figure out the length of proper functionality of your HEPA air filter, you need to consider the following: 

  • Speed in which the air purifier is used
  • Hours during which the air purifier is used.
  • The levels of pollution both outdoor and indoor.
  • The frequency of cleaning the pre-filter. 

When you take these things into consideration, you will see that not all people use the air purifiers in the same way, meaning that there is no way that every HEPA filter will last the same amount of time. In addition, that is why a filter replacement is not always required at the same time, i.e. in the given time by the manufacturer. 

For instance, you may use two air purifiers at home which are bought at the same time, but one is more used than the other, leading to the most obvious conclusion. The less used one will not need a filter replacement so soon. Therefore, avoid relying on the lifespan predicted by companies that sell air purifiers.

As a result, if the above-mentioned factors are taken into consideration, some HEPA air filters can last even for up to five years, while others might need a frequent replacement every six or twelve months. 

What Happens If You Do Not Change Your HEPA Filter?

All devices and appliances that you use daily require some sort of maintenance, or else, they will cease to work properly quite soon. This applies to air purifiers and their filters as well. Air purifiers work on the basis of the HEPA filter, and they constantly absorb and filter different kinds of particles from the air. 

If you do not change your HEPA filter, it will soon start building up different kinds of dirt and dust particles as well as grime. This will slowly lead to the malfunction of the filter and probably a complete breakdown of the air purifier. Even though this will not happen overnight, it will eventually come to such a point. 

In addition, besides the buildup of dust inside the filter, not changing your HEPA filter might also cause the growth of mold since there will be a lot of moisture absorbed as well. If this happens, your air purifier might start distributing unclean air, which will additionally start infecting your home. Therefore, not replacing the HEPA filter in your air purifier is not only dangerous for the machine, but for the health of your household as well. 

When your filter is not replaced or cleaned, it is better to turn off the air purifier altogether. It is not considered safe to leave it up running, primarily because it might make you sick, and secondly because there is basically no use from it running.

Can HEPA Filters Be Washed And Reused? 

There are different kinds of HEPA filters, and some of them are permanent, while others are washable. Therefore, you will have to check what kind of filter does your air purifier use. 

If you have washable HEPA air filters, then you should consider washing and cleaning them every one or two months. If you take proper care of them regularly, then you might expect that they will last for three to five years. However, this, again, will depend on the way you use your air purifier. 

Washable HEPA filters are usually smaller, and they come at reasonable prices. Nonetheless, they are quite worth the price, and you may end up using them for a long time without replacement. But, before you decide to clean your filters, make sure that you check the manual and see what is the recommended method to do this. 

On the other hand, permanent HEPA filters are not washable, and they should not come in touch with water under any circumstances. However, they still need proper care, such as regular vacuuming. If you keep them clean regularly, they can last for many years. 

Nonetheless, you should know that they are more expensive in comparison to washable filters. So, regular maintenance will keep you away from replacement expenses for a long time. 

How Often To Change HEPA Filter In Air Purifier? 

There are some revolutionary air purifiers that will indicate the time when replacement is needed. Usually, they have some kind of beeping alert or illuminating signal that will tell you that it is time to change your HEPA filter. However, others, do not have this kind of feature, meaning that you will have to determine the proper time for a replacement on your own. 

Luckily, there are ways that will help you figure out when is the right time to change the HEPA filter in your air purifier. Firstly, you need to be aware of the time when you bought the air purifier in the first place. This will help you determine for how long you have been using the installed air filter in the purifier. 

In addition, you should always check the pre-filters that are built inside the air purifier. These secondary filters should be washed and cleaned more often than the actual filter. If these pre-filters start getting dirtier in less than a month, that might be a sign that your filter is no longer working properly. 

However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can always ask for a professional opinion. This way you will know for sure whether you should invest in a new filter for your air purifier. 

In conclusion, it can be said that you cannot really rely on the recommendations given by the manufacturer since there are different factors that affect the work of your HEPA air filter. You need to take other things into consideration as well as other tests of your filter before you decide that you need a filter replacement.