Can I Turn My Air Conditioner Into An Air Purifier?

The heat during summer is most times unbearable, and of course, there will be dust all over that will pollute the air. To make your space more livable during such times, you need to use both the air conditioner and air purifier, which to some is just too many expenses and therefore your wish will be to use maybe the air conditioner to deal with the air impurities. So is this possible?

The design of most air conditioners is that you cannot use them to filter the air. However, some come with an air filter; therefore, they will do the air purification job for you just the way the air purifier does. Other air conditioners come with built-in air purifiers, making your work easier.

If you have an air conditioner and an air purifier, then you may not need to purchase one that combines both of them. This article guides you on using the air conditioner as an air purifier, and you will know whether you require it. Moreover, you will know whether you can turn your air conditioner into an air purifier.

Do You Need an Air Purifier with an Air Conditioner?

An air purifier is a must-have in most homes, and even for the places that lack both, at least some have one of them. Each of these machines has a unique design, and they play a specific role. Even so, there are features that make them comparable to each other.

Despite their different purposes, the two machines are capable of cooling and cleaning the air at the same time. Usually, you will need an air purifier to do away with the particles in the air that may be harmful to your health. On the other hand, the air conditioner plays a great role in cooling the air.

Therefore having them together is important but, you can be sure that your energy bill will continue going up. If possible, you will want a machine that can do both the cooling and the cleaning. So if you are looking at purchasing an air purifier, you will want the one that comes with an air conditioner in it.

The main reason for having such a machine is mainly to save on energy and also, you don’t want multiple machines running simultaneously. While this is the issue, you need an air purifier even when you have an air conditioner. If the air conditioner is not fitted with air purification systems, your air will always be dirty.

The main concern of air conditioners is to regulate the temperature in your room. Almost all of them do not come with features that help clean the dust, gasses, smoke and pollen in the air. But the air purifier does a splendid job when it comes to cleaning the air and removing all the impurities in it.

Usually, air conditioners do not have a big impact on indoor air quality. They will mainly reduce the humidity and temperature of a room. However, the air quality will remain the same, so if it has impurities, it will not be able to remove them to require the air purifier.

The air conditioners may create a breeding space for bacteria in some cases. They do so by removing the moisture present in the atmosphere, creating damp purchases that enable the bacteria to breed. Also, for air conditioners to work better, it does so when there is maximum air passing through them.

If it pulls in more air into your room, then the cooling effect in your room will be fast. Using the air cleaner and the air conditioner simultaneously will therefore mean that there will be less air. The air purifier filters air from different pollutants, reducing airflow.

Despite this, you will need an air purifier in your room to ensure that the air is clean. The air conditioner will not make it clean, it only regulates the temperature. However, having both reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Do Air Purifiers Work With Central Air?

Keeping the house clean and ensuring proper ventilation helps in ensuring that the air is pure and free from allergens. While this is a great step for most people, it may not be enough to clean the air. At this point, a much better alternative will be using an air purifier with good filters to clean it thoroughly.

Also, to improve indoor air quality, one can incorporate new technology such as using the HVAC air purifier. With this cleaner, you are sure that your health will improve, and it does so by first improving the air quality in your space. It is, therefore, possible for air purifiers to work with central air, such as the HVAC air purifiers.

An air purifier’s main role is to improve indoor air quality and clean up the impurities in the air. When the central air conditioner releases air, the air purifier will filter it and make it more suitable for use. The amount of air that the air purifier can purify depends on how powerful it is, and in this case, most modern purifiers indicate the amount of air they can purify.

Using a central air conditioning unit is one of the most efficient ways to filter the air in your home. The filters in such units are so that they will trap particles as air passes through them. Usually, they will constantly filter the air in your house as long as the air conditioner is on and working.

Having a high HVAC system with excellent filters will help keep the win in your space clean. However, it is better to add an air purifier to work with it for a better job. If the air purifier can work with central air, why not add it?

Can I Use an Air Conditioner as an Air Purifier?

During summer, you will want to chill indoors, but still, you have to ensure that the air around is cool, so an air conditioner is a must-have. As you do this, also ensure that your air is clean so that you are breathing in something fresh and one that does not have a contaminant. Now, the need to have clean and cool air simultaneously sparks a debate on whether you can use your air conditioner as an air purifier.

It is important first to realize that these two machines are different in their way. For this reason, it is not possible to use an air conditioner as an air purifier. The main reason for this is that the air conditioner’s main role is to control an area’s temperature and humidity levels.

Also, it ensures that the space has proper ventilation. Its design is such that it cannot trap contaminants and particles in the air. It spreads them through the room as it regulates the air.

For the air purifier, its main role is to help remove pollutants from the air. It does this in various ways, such as using various filters and chemicals that come with it. So if you want clean air and one that will ensure you are healthy, consider purchasing an air purifier.

Most, if not all the air conditioners are not built to filter the air since they lack the filtration system available in air purifiers. However, some can clean the air may be just a little bit. For instance, some air conditioners have a dust filter in the indoor unit.

Such helps in trapping the dust from the air and helps to stop the air conditioner from clogging. But this dust filter will not filter out everything, so by the end of the day, your air will not be entirely clean. Also, some air conditioners have ionization filters that help remove maybe a little bit of smoke from the air.

The only better way to clean the air around your home without the need for an air purifier is by using the HVAC system. They are usually whole-home air purifiers, and you can place them around the air conditioning unit. They ensure that the air in your house is clean and remove all contaminants within it.

Can I Turn My Air Conditioner Into an Air Purifier?

It is impossible to turn your air conditioner into an air purifier mainly because they play two different roles. Even though some air conditioners can help you clean the air, they only do so just a little bit. They do not do away with all the dust particles available in the air.

If you only have an air conditioner in your home, then be sure to complement it with an air purifier. Air conditioners cannot deal with the fine particles in the air, and they increase their presence as they regulate the temperatures. Therefore, turning the air conditioner into an air purifier is not possible.

Also, if you are to use them together, ensure that they are not close to each other. Keeping the AC and air purifier close may reduce the efficiency of one more so the air conditioner; therefore, it may not regulate air temperature and humidity well.