Should I Run Ceiling Fan With Air Purifier? 

Some people opt for a ceiling fan, and others for an air purifier, however, they serve different purposes. Namely, a ceiling fan is good for air circulation, while an air purifier will provide better inside air quality. But, should you use a ceiling fan and an air purifier simultaneously? 

It is not recommended that you use a ceiling fan with an air purifier because you will obtain a counter effect. The additional airflow provided by the ceiling fan will make the indoor air worse rather than clean. The fan will stress the air purifier, cause wear and tear, and lead to a breakdown.

This article is focused on the functions of a ceiling fan and an air purifier, and the effects you should expect if you use them simultaneously in a room. I have explained what you will achieve when using them separately, and what you should consider when you have both of them in the same room. The air quality inside your home is important, therefore, it is necessary to learn how to use the air appliances properly. 

Is It OK To Put An Air Purifier In Front Of A Fan? 

Firstly, it is important to point out the difference between an air purifier and a fan in order to understand whether it is okay to use these two appliances together. So, while an air purifier is concerned with providing cleaner inside air, a fan is responsible for providing better air circulation in a room. This means that these devices come with distinguished functions, even though they are both concerned with obtaining a better quality of inside air. 

For instance, people use a fan when they want to achieve better ventilation inside a room, especially in summer since a fan has the power to obtain a cooler feeling inside. So, a fan has the ability to move air around the room, however, that does not mean that the air inside becomes cleaner. Although you get the fresher feeling from the work of a fan, you still do not get cleaner air. 

On the other hand, an air purifier is used to clean the inside air. Namely, this appliance contains a filter that traps harmful particles that are found in the air. As the air circulates inside a room, this machine traps that air filters it and then produces cleaner air that is free of contaminants. 

Now, you might wonder whether an air purifier can be functional for the whole room, i.e. whether this appliance is able to clean the air inside the whole area since it is a small machine placed in one place. However, air purifiers are designed in different sizes, meaning that each size is compatible with a particular size of a room. This means that you do not have to move the appliance around the room since it will be able to detect the unclear air and purify it by trapping the harmful particles from it. 

However, if you take into consideration the functionality of a fan, it is logical that you think that this device can help the air purifier to work in a better manner. Since the fan is responsible for better ventilation and air circulation, you might believe that this will help air to come in touch with the air purifier quickly. Therefore, that way you will obtain cleaner air sooner. 

This is why many people believe that they should use an air purifier and a fan at the same time. Namely, many people think that if you put an air purifier in front of a fan, the former will be able to perform in a better and quicker way. It is logical to think this way, but that is not how these appliances actually work. 

So, you might want to try and enhance the work of an air purifier, but a fan will not help you in this attempt. In fact, the fan can actually worsen the work of the air purifier in a way. So, when an air purifier is placed in front of a fan, you basically create a mini-tornado inside the room, which is not really needed. 

An air purifier is designed to work properly without any additional devices. This means that the fan that is included inside the machine of this device is enough for producing and spreading clean air across the room. In other words, a light breeze that the air purifier provides itself is enough for this device to work properly and give you the expected results. 

Can I Use A Ceiling Fan With An Air Purifier? 

A ceiling fan is an excellent device for regulating room temperatures, especially in summer during hot days. A ceiling fan is considered a substitute for an air conditioner even though this device does not really have the cooling function in its included features. However, due to the improved airflow provided by the fan, we have the feeling that a ceiling fan has the ability to cool the room. 

On the other hand, the main purpose of a ceiling fan is to move air around the room. Due to this fact, many people believe that they will make it easier for the air purifier to catch all the harmful particles that are in the inside air. However, it is important to point out that if your air purifier is the right size, i.e. it is compatible with the size of the room where you use it, then it will not need a ceiling fan to help its performance. 

An air purifier is designed to clean the air inside the whole room without any helping device. This means that this device is completely able to cover the air in the whole room and filter it properly. Even though it seems that the ceiling fan will make this process easier and faster, it can actually cause a counter effect. 

Namely, when a ceiling fan works at the same time as an air purifier, it imposes stress on the air purifying machine. It is true that it helps the air purifier to catch more harmful particles and toxins from the inside air, but it also intensifies the work of the purifier. When this happens, the air purifier can experience more wear and tear than normal, which can lead to a complete breakdown of the machine. 

On the other hand, you should take into consideration that some air purifiers have a built-in fan inside the machine. If this is the case with your air purifier, an additional work of a ceiling fan might make the air quality worse rather than better. This means that the clean air that leaves the air purifier will be constantly pulled back inside of the device due to the work of a ceiling fan. 

That is why it is not recommended to use a ceiling fan and an air purifier at the same time. You might only obtain a counter effect, meaning that you are just wasting money and electrical resource without any particular result. 

Is It Better To Run A Ceiling Fan Separately?

Considering the consequences and the end results of a ceiling fan and an air purifier working simultaneously, it is obvious that you should let these two devices run separately. This means that you should use a fan when you feel the necessity for fresher and cooler air inside the room. In fact, you should primarily use a ceiling fan when you want to regulate the temperature inside a room. 

An air purifier, on the other hand, should be used when you want to remove the pollutants that are present inside your home. If the size of your air purifier is compatible with the size of the room, you will not have the necessity to run any additional device so that the purifier could perform better. Therefore, you should definitely use a ceiling fan and an air purifier at different times. 

However, you should know that it is important that you use both of these devices with closed windows and doors for better results. They both have the same goal in some way, i.e. to provide a better quality of the inside air. Even though they have different functions, you still obtain better inside air and breathing conditions in your home. 

Nonetheless, if you sometimes feel the necessity to use an air purifier and a ceiling fan at the same time, you can do it for a short period of time. But, make sure that you do not make a habit of it, in order to protect the performance of your air purifier. 

As you can see, you do not need a ceiling fan so your air purifier would perform better and give you better results. These devices have different functions and they are perfectly able to work on their own and give you the desired goal for the inside air.