Can You Wash And Reuse Dyson Air Filters?

Considering the nature of Dyson air, it is only necessary for the filter to be changed regularly. Doing this helps to prevent the harmful substances removed from going out again. This leaves the main question: can you wash and reuse Dyson air filters?

Yes, you can wash and reuse your Dyson filters. Proper attention was set in place when designing the Dyson Air filter. The filters were made in such a way that allows you to use them for a year or more before you need to change them. 

As you read on, you’ll discover ways you can go about washing these filters safely. You’ll also find out more details about the filter in your Dyson air product. 

Can The Dyson Filter Be Washed?

Dyson air filter is washable to ensure the machine keeps working at its optimal performance. 

Below are the steps to be taken when washing your filters:

Unplug and turn off: You should ensure that you unplug the device from the socket and turn it off before taking the filter out. If the fan is still active, ensure you don’t reach for it to remove the filter. 

So the first step would be to turn it off. Then, wait for it to cool before reaching into it. 

Take out the Dyson filter/s: Once you have found out where the Dyson air filter is located, you can reach in and take it out. You should probably take the machine out of your living room to avoid exposing dirt there.

Take it out and remove the filter outside instead. This helps prevent contaminated residues on the filter from spreading within the house. 

Soak the filter/s (optional): You can do this by filling a bowl with cold water and submerging the filter but ensure not to add detergent. There are some models of Dyson products that require the filter to be soaked before washing. The soaking should be for about five minutes, so the water gets into it properly. 

Wash the filter/s in cold water: Don’t use a detergent to wash the filter. Neither should you place it in a washing/dishwashing machine. The running water is more than enough to wash it sufficiently. Instead, place the filter under the tap and rinse it under the water. 

While rinsing, gently squeeze the filter. Then, continue running the water across the filter for no less than five minutes. Repeat this process until the water you squeeze out of the filter is clear. 

Drying the filter: After rinsing, gently squeeze the water out of the filter. Repeat the rinsing and then squeeze continuously until the water clears out completely. 

You can also repeatedly tap it against your open palm to get the extra droplets of water out. 

Lay it in a dry, warm place: Spread it horizontally directly under the sun on the floor. Give the filter enough time to dry because it needs to be completely dry before you can return it to the machine. 

Air dry filters: Do not place your filter near a naked flame or microwave oven so that it can dry faster. It is dangerous to do so. The best way to dry your filter is to air dry it. 

Return the filters: Don’t rush to return the filter to the machine. Instead, remember the positions of the filters in the device and try to place them accordingly. After doing this, you can now use your Dyson air. 

The Dyson can be washed, and this is done to ensure the machine keeps working at its optimal performance. 

Can Dyson Filters Be Washed And Reused?

Yes, Dyson filters can be washed and reduced except stated otherwise on your purchased product. Unfortunately, some filters can’t be washed, nor can they be taken out. However, recently, Dyson has made various filters that are washable and non-washable.  

Why Should I Wash My Dyson Filter?

Proper maintenance is required to keep your Dyson in optimum condition.There is no time you won’t have to clean or wash your filter.

Even if it is a lifetime filter, you will still have to clean it regularly. The cleaning helps to keep the machine working well. 

If you abandon your filter for nearly a year without cleaning, you might notice it isn’t working as before. The reason behind this might not even have anything to do with the system’s engineering. Instead, it might be that you have to get it cleaned. 

The dirt accumulated on the filter might stink if left there for months. You should ensure that you empty your cleaner and dispose of the dirt in it. If it is a permanent filter, wipe it, and ensure you clean it properly. 

If it is removable, follow the process of washing stated above. Once you can do this, you increase the longevity of your product. 

How Often Should You Wash Dyson Filters?

It would help if you washed your filters at least every 4-6 months. However, if washing it regularly might be a bit of a stretch, you should get it cleaned at least twice a year. When you do this, you notice that your Dyson air begins to work like it is brand new again.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should you change your Dyson filters?

The Dyson air filters have to be replaced every 12 months. This is because the filter has gotten clogged or dirty. If it is one that can’t be removed, there would still be parts of it that might remain dirty after cleaning. 

You should keep track of the product’s filter to prevent the machine from getting faulty. Also, you have to replace it to prevent odours in your household. 

Can I use my filter if it’s a little wet?

No, you can’t use your filter. The wet filter damages the motor of your Dyson air. Tiny water droplets can damage the machine and make it faulty or completely broken. 

If it doesn’t affect the motor, it might cause mold growth. The machine is used daily, so it is warm already; the presence of a damp filter will make molds sprout. When this occurs, and you keep using the filter, the mold will get blown around the house. 

You are advised to leave your filter to air dry for 24 hours or more if possible. This is to prevent any damage to your product. 

Why do I need a filter in my air purifier?

This is because your Dyson air pulls in contaminated air to release a cleaner one. For it to release air safe enough for you, it has to filter the dirt out. The filter traps 99.97 of dirt particles in the air. 

The filter is put in place to ensure that the air expelled is clean. It ensures that the particles taken in don’t flow out with the clean air. 

Can I use my Dyson air without the filter?

No, you shouldn’t attempt to use the Dyson air without the filter. Without the filter, the air taken in is still the same as the one expelled. No change or cleaning occurs with the intake. 

Doing this will amount to no results. It might also affect the machine’s motor. So ensure you have returned the filter into the machine after cleaning before turning it on. 

What can I use to make my Dyson filter dry faster?

You can make use of a manual hair dryer if you can’t wait for the overnight drying. First, you should have allowed the filter to air dry for some hours at least before using this. After it has dried, you put your hair dryer on low, then turn it on. 

Since it has dried mostly, it will take you less time to get it dried up. Hold the filter about five inches away from the dryer while in use. You should also move it back and forth and avoid focusing on one spot to prevent the filter from getting scorched. 

How do I know if I need to clean my filter?

As you use your Dyson product, you’ll be able to tell how it usually works. For instance, you should check the filter when it stops moving as fast or releasing as much air. You should keep track of the dates you clean it too.

Scheduling cleaning dates makes it easier for you to know when the filter is due to be cleaned. You can also know it needs to get cleaned if you notice dirt clogging it up. If you can’t notice the dirt, ensure you clean it every three months at least. 

Can I rinse and wash all the filters?

No, some Dyson filters are marketed as permanent. This is where the replacement of filters comes in. It is just as effective as regular washing, and it goes further considering the old filter would be replaced by a new one.

These filters can only be cleaned and replaced yearly. They can’t be taken out or washed.